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Founder’s Note!

Simran Kaur from Room You Love

Hi dear all!

I am Simran Kaur, the founder of your interior decor tips and tricks stop shop, Room You Love. Here we TRY to help you with decorating your interiors in the best and most budget-friendly way possible in an easy-to-understand language.

I can’t promise the best content on this site (sorry, we like to play the ‘brutal honesty’ game here), but I can promise the ever-improving and easy-to-act-upon content. We write with you (our readers) in mind and not the professional and high-fi interior design terminology and we’ll always try to stick to the simplicity you expect from us!

If you have any concerns, any questions, anything you feel is not right on this site, or anything that we must improve upon, you are warmly welcome to contact us and we’ll take action as soon as we can. This is YOUR site as much as it is OUR’S. So feel free to contact us anytime (including weekends, bam!) at [email protected]

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P.S: I just ran out of more cheesy lines, so had to end it here 😉 (brutal honesty, remember?)