We are sure there is no superhuman who can keep his room from being ugly at all times! But, most of the time we must try.

Do you know why? Because an ugly room affects our mental health for bad, more than anything! That is why interior designing is so important. It makes us feel beautiful and at peace with our environment and thus relaxing us mentally. If you cannot afford to completely turn your decor upside down, at least you can manage to keep your room pretty instead of it being ugly all the time!

It is no rocket science. Believe us. And after you read what we have to say, it’ll be a child’s play for you. Honestly.

So here are the most common symptoms of an ugly room (because you must know what an ugly room really looks like before trying to fix it in any way!) and tips as to how you can make your ugly room pretty. Straight in:

Wall Colors

ugly room wall color
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The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a room that’s ugly is the wall colors!

Haven’t you ever felt awful the moment you entered a room? That it just seemed to hit some chord within you that you hate or it kinda created a ‘vomit feeling!’ It’s quite natural to happen, you see? Quite natural in the rooms where the colors used are awful as hell!

These colors are usually too dingy or too bright. The rule of extremes just doesn’t apply to great interiors!

But what do we mean by the colors that are too dingy? These are basically those that are too dull and gloomy. They just don’t make us excited when we enter the room. We feel weak, energy seems to lower as if the world is coming to an end and all is but an illusion. You feel everything in the world is supposed to bring sadness and that’s why you prefer to be sad, whatsoever! Yes! They are awful and create such gloomy and negative feelings.

And what are bright colors? The colors that make energy rush so badly in you that you want to break and crush everything around you. You become angry as hell when someone cracks a joke. You want to murder the person who told you to straighten your earring today morning (because it was out of place!) You want to indiscriminately kick and slap everyone who comes in your way as you pass the corridor!

Sorry for exaggerating everything so badly, but it’s our style, lol!

How To Fix?

Now after we know the problem with dingy and bright colors, let’s come to the main thing- fixing the problem!

So there is an understood fix to the problem with bad colors- simply changing the colors of the room! You can get the walls painted again with some good colors that make you feel good and at peace with yourself!

If you don’t or can’t get your wall painted because of some reason, then consider adding complementary color fabrics to the room. For example, if your room is bright yellow and it makes your anger run riot, why not change the color of your curtains to something cool like white or any other color that goes well with bright yellow. If you have a dingy color surrounding the room like dark grey or something, go for bright fabrics such as red or yellow curtains or bedsheets.

But before you buy any bedsheet or curtain to complement the color of the wall of your room, consider that it matches well and creates a good feeling when you step in.

This alone has the ability to make your ugly room pretty! Try it out for yourself.

Clutter Around The Room

fix messy room
Source: NYtimes

The thing very own to a messy room is the clutter all around!

Suppose your guest steps in the room and sees the clothes you wore last night, the towel you used today morning, the shoes you wore yesterday, the socks that stink in the corner of your room, all the mobile chargers, laptop chargers, and headphones lying around and all the clothes in your wardrobe lying on the bed just because you wanted to choose what to wear today! You don’t want to show all that. Do you?

That’s a clutter and that’s horrible. You don’t want to leave things as they are when you are done using them!

Even the things that are unusable are also a part of the clutter. Maybe you bought a massager and kept it in your bedroom so you could use it every night before you sleep. But it has been lying there ever since, unused! Isn’t that clutter, too? Look around the room right now. And you’ll find many such things!

How To Fix?

Simple! Common sense! Clean the clutter that’s lying around the room. Get wall shelves to keep the books and other pieces lying around the room. Get an extra cupboard to adjust other items in it. Dispose of the things that are no longer in use! Do whatever, but clear off the clutter. Honestly.

We know it’s not as easy to do as it is to say. But once you are in the habit of doing it, you’ll see that you can do it effortlessly! Take the plunge. Change your habits. And thank us later!

Bad Lighting

ugly dark room
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One of the worst things you can do to your interiors is having dim lights or placing the lights in the wrong places. For example, if you place the light behind a large cupboard, that would create a dingy feeling in the room. If you place a very bright light just before the place where you sit, it will create glare and make you feel uncomfortable. Both ways, the room would feel ugly. So, check if your room has bad lighting that is making it feel as if it’s ugly!

How to Fix?

See where have you placed the lights. If the lights are making you feel dingy because of unnecessary shadows, replace them.

If the room is big and the lights are not sufficient, consider adding more lights. If the room is small and there are too many lights, try cutting down on them!

Also, make sure that the lights are such that they create an elegant feeling and don’t cause eye fatigue. Sometimes unnecessary shadows that the lights create make us feel horrible. Don’t let that happen!

Broken Things Lying Around

how to fix ugly room
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This definitely isn’t common but in some middle-class families, it is!

Suppose you got something broken in your room and you need to dispose of it. But because you bought it with your hard-earned money, and that you are so attached to it that you don’t do it and let the leftovers of the thing remain. Or you keep putting off disposing of it till tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes!

That creates a very negative feeling in your room. You don’t want to keep unnecessary or broken things in your room. Don’t let your emotional ties spoil the look of your room.

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How to Fix?

We definitely cannot tell you how to fix the broken things. But we can tell you to fix your ugly room by disposing of those broken things!

Don’t let the broken window glass stay! Don’t let your favorite cracked flower vase stay! Don’t attach yourself too much to the broken pen stand that your friend once gave you!

Just remove all that’s unfinished, or broken. You are on the right way to making your ugly room pretty! Go ahead. Get it done.

Unknown Theme Or Changing Trends Often

messy room
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The most common mistake that people make is adding various items from various themes. For example, they add low beds from Japanese bedrooms, macrame wall hangings from boho decor, plants from biophilic, and various types from glasses from opulent decor!

This makes the design of their room become unrecognizable simply because there is something of everything! It’s a porridge that has all the sweets and sours into it! Will you dare to eat that? That’s what you do to your decor when you put everything into it! It makes your room look uglier than you can imagine.

Not having a theme at all becomes a headache too sometimes but so long as everything is balanced, you can manage to live with it! Having various themes IS a PROBLEM!

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How To Fix?

Simple! Sticking to one theme only will make your ugly room pretty.

Choose only one theme that you like, for example, Japanese or futuristic or any other! If you don’t want to stick to a theme, go for a generic middle-class room. But after you are done deciding upon how you want your room to look, kick out everything that does not compliment that!

For good interiors, always be heartless when kicking things out. You’ll thank us later for this!

Unmatched Furniture

ugly room
Source: @official.davedee via Instagram

The biggest sin that one can commit, so far as interiors are concerned, is to use unmatched furniture! We are not signaling that you must use the furniture of the same color, but you must put the furniture in the room if it complements each other. You don’t want to use designs and colors that pinch the eye when put side by side.

How To Fix?

The easiest way to fix this is by getting your furniture repainted or replacing the furniture, altogether.

Sometimes changing the placement of the furniture might also help.

Also, if you have unused furniture, you must consider throwing it away or placing it somewhere away from the room that you wish to fix.

Adding to add, if the furniture has seepage or looks too old, try replacing it. That would be the best choice in that case.

What About The Curtains?

One of the essentials of the room! Curtains are actually the ones that can make or break the look of the room, in a second. If you have used curtains that do not go well with the color of the walls or you are using printed curtains with a printed wall that makes the room look messy or clumsy, consider fixing them.

The curtains that are short also create a messy look in the room. Even the design of the curtains matters such a great deal! If you have an ugly room, chances are that your curtains are the culprit!

How To Fix?

Simple! See if your curtains go well with the color of your walls. Make sure they complement the walls. For example, if your walls are light-colored, dark-colored curtains might do a great job. And if your walls are bright, try using dull-colored curtains. But before you choose any curtain, make sure they go with the look and feel of the room that you have in mind.

Also, if you have printed walls, plain curtains are the best choice. Printed curtains with printed walls make it look like the messiest room. To make your ugly room pretty, fix the curtains.

Third, make sure your curtains are not too short. The curtains that are long enough, give a very decent and elegant look. They hide a great deal of the walls and thus, make your room look neat and good. Also, consider not using old-fashioned curtains as they give that 1950s’ look to your room. No curtains are better than bad curtains! Keep that in mind.

Bad Odor

Fine! We are talking about visible ugliness for sure, but, would you even like sitting in a room that smells like a piggery?

The smell makes a room ugly too! If you are a messy person who throws the Banana peels beside the bed and leaves it for days or has his socks stinking in the room, you need to fix your habits, not your room! But we don’t want to get into the habit stuff! We are no life coaches. So let’s consider the ways we can fix the bad odor in your room.

How To Fix?

Room fresheners are the easiest way to remove the bad odor in your room. But in order to fix things permanently, find out what on earth is stinking in your room.

They might be the fabrics you haven’t washed for months. They might be the fruit peels you haven’t picked from the floor for days. They might be your socks or shoes that are stinking. Check what is it.

Wash the fabrics, use a room freshener, dispose of the peels, and do all you can do. Even consider mopping the floor with a good lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda solution! This will definitely make things better.

But sometimes it so happens that we are unable to detect any bad smell in the room because we have grown so used to it! To not take a chance, ask someone if he smells anything bad in the room. And then take the necessary steps.

Spots And Dents

After you have done everything, the room might still look ugly because you have stains on the wall.

The dents on the furniture or stains, cracks, or seepage on the wall can make the room look horrible! The moment you enter the room, you notice that first! No matter how clean the rest of the room is. So, it is important not to overlook them and fix them correctly.

How to fix?

Now if you want to get rid of the ugliness that seepage or cracks have created, consider getting the wall repainted.

So far as the dents on the furniture are concerned, only a carpenter can get that fixed!

If you can find some solution to get rid of the stains on the wall, tell us as well! lol!

Wrong Fabrics

After fixing everything in the room, it might still look awful! And the reason might be the fabrics this time.

If the fabrics like bedsheets and curtains look bad or they are old-fashioned or have bad prints, they can ruin the look of the room.

How To Fix?

Now, this is common sense! Use good quality fabrics around the room.

Don’t overuse them but don’t underuse them either.

Keep them in balance. And tada! You have an ugly room that’s no more ugly!

Bottom Line

There are very small things that make a room look messy or ugly. Fixing these little things can make a big difference.

If you organize a room well and use the right colors and fabrics, you are half sorted. It’s not as complicated as it may seem.

So go ahead, pick up the broom and let’s begin!

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