The bedroom is the place we spend one-third of our lives in! Or maybe more! Incredible, right? That’s why it is so important to make it into a space that’s inviting, enjoyable and relaxing!

Above all, it should be a place that we always dream of living in- a dream bedroom!

But before we continue, let us clarify what we mean by a dream bedroom when we talk about it?

So, a dream bedroom is basically a bedroom that you have always wanted in your dreams. It’s good and fascinating to you! You feel like you are in a dream- a good dream- when you step into it! It’s THAT beautiful and fantastic, especially to you!

We don’t think we’ll be talking too much about all the generic stuff like, get a comfortable bed for yourself or buy good pillows! That is not a definition of a dream bedroom! That’s the definition of a generic bedroom. Everyone knows they need a comfortable bedding, or sleepable pillows! That’s not what we are here for, so far as this particular topic is concerned.

But what we are herE for, is to give you good enough reasons as to why you should have a bedroom for yourself that makes you feel dreamy and fulfilled? Also, there are 10 great ideas for a bedroom of your dreams awaiting you in the second section of this post. So make sure you stick around for a while!

It’ll be worth it.

Why Should You Have A Bedroom Of Your Dreams?

Promotes Sound Sleep

Have you ever observed, when you are not a peace with yourself, when the things in your lives are not turning out the way you want them to, or when you’re stressed or anxious, you just cannot manage to sleep! But when everything in your life goes on smoothly and there’s nothing on your mind to worry about, you’re able to sleep soundly!

‘How does that connect to having a bedroom of my dreams?’ you ask. Well, it’s simple! When everything around you is not as you want it to be, sleep is disturbed. And that ‘EVERYTHING’ includes your interiors, your bedroom in particular. If you are not sitting or sleeping in a space you like, that creates discomfort (physically and mentally) and thus, negatively affects your sleep.

That’s the reason, having a bedroom of your dreams is so important! That place is as per your choice and tastes. You like it. Thus, you are comfortable. So? Sound sleep. Simple.

It’s Your Personal Haven (Enables you to relax well)

Taking the idea of having a relaxed mind further (why do we sound like a life coach right now?), your mind can relax only when you let it. And for that, you need space. A space that you like. The space that makes you feel at peace. The space that makes you feel beautiful. A space that makes you feel YOU. That’s your dream bedroom! Tada!

So if you too love the idea of having a space, a beautiful space to hide in, to disconnect from the world, it’s ideal that you have a bedroom that you love. You won’t regret the decision.

A Place That’s Your Very Own

As we all crave for more and more privacy and space, having a space that caters to just that is heaven! You can read a book, sip coffee, contemplate your life or dance like crazy, there’ll be none to disturb you! Because that’s YOUR ROOM.

That’s what you ought to love about having a bedroom of your own. That you have a place that you can call your own!

How To Create Your Dream Bedroom? 13 Ideas

Good Color Scheme Is The First Step!

The most important- literally most important- factor in creating the bedroom of your dreams is to choose the color that’s close to your heart. Favorite, in plain English.

You must see what is the color you dream about. If you ever had the chance to paint the world with one color, what would that color be? That’s the color you want to have your bedroom painted in.

It’s not compulsory that you have one color going all over the bedroom. You can have a color scheme that’s pretty and very own to you. Just make sure, getting a room painted is NOT CHEAP so choose wisely, once and for all (or maybe a few years), the color that you enjoy being in the presence of. You can couple that with some neutrals or any other color if you like!

Having wall murals is also a great choice! You might want to consider that as well. But but but, some colors do not promote good sleep. They might be bright red or yellow, etc. They might be your favorites but they don’t promote good sleep. You don’t want that, right? So research before you choose!

The Bed Should Match Your Dreams Too

There are so many futuristic beds that are trending these days and are expected to trend in the future! We are sure, you too might have your heart set on one of the designs. Why not have them in your dream bedroom, then?

But, some age-old advice first. Make sure the bed you use caters to your needs. If you are creating a dream bedroom for a teenage girl, you don’t need a double bed. But if you are creating a dream bedroom for couples, you definitely need one! Also, the bed must be comfortable and complement the theme of your bedroom. It should not be the odd one out or it’ll ruin the overall look.

Rest, go with your tastes, and choose what best suits you!

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The Nightstand And Other Things

dream bedroom ideas
Source: Pinterest

Furniture just increases the beauty of the bedroom so much! Imagine a bedroom without any furniture. You don’t like it, right?

Clearly, furniture is important! So besides the bed, what all do you need? It depends upon the size of your bedroom! You might need some sitting arrangement like a sofa or comfy chairs so you can switch resting places in your bedroom itself! Or bedside tables and a sofa!

Every other furniture piece is optional but we think, for a pretty room a nightstand is a must! A headboard also adds to the elegance of the bedroom! Consider the ideas and see what your heart beats for!

The Fabrics Make It All, Royal!

dream bedroom decor
Source: Livspace

The color is in place. The bed is in place. The furniture is in place. But there is still something missing in your bedroom! The fabrics.

Fabrics give your room that cozy feel you want! The colors, designs, and textures you use define the look of your room. You might want to go for rugs around or under the bed. To your advantage, they make a small room look bigger! The curtains and the bedsheets must be chosen in accordance with the color of your bedroom and your own preferences, of course.

Make sure you don’t just choose them based upon their looks but their functionality too, or you’ll waste your money. Keep that in mind.

A Perfect Theme Or Maybe No Theme

traditional japanese bedroom
Source: Housessive

Themed bedrooms are so popular these days that you might want to go for them as your dream bedrooms.

There are a lot of themes that are trending but it especially depends on you, which one is that which makes you the most excited! They create a certain kind of look and feel in the room that you might want.

Some of the most popular themes these days are the zen bedrooms, the Scandinavian design, the boho bedrooms, the futuristic bedrooms, etc. You can find a lot of inspiration for them across the web. Choose the one that you most like and choose the furniture and colors, accordingly.

BUT, not having a theme is OK too! It’s YOUR dream bedroom and YOU should design and decorate it the way you want to! So feel free to design it without an end in mind! But make sure you don’t ruin the budget.

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Adopt Minimalism And Embrace Space

minimalistic futuristic bedroom
Source: Pinterest

Stuffing your room with a lot of things just because you like them, won’t do any good! Space is what makes everything in the room stand out and create a statement. It makes the room look pretty and fairy-tale-like!

So, make sure you appreciate the space in your bedroom and embrace minimalism in every way you can. Less clutter in the room is also very closely related to less clutter in the mind. Thus, less negativity and less stress. Sounds good? Don’t forget it then! Remember, less is more. And, quality over quantity!

Great Organization Works Magic

dream bedroom
Source: Hunker

Once you create your bedroom that you have always dreamed of, you don’t want to spoil its look by throwing your clothes, chargers, and stuff here and there. If you have created a pretty room, you ought to keep it pretty!

But organization starts from the beginning. So have wall shelves and cupboards in place so that you have space to store things you don’t want to show.

And your dream room will always be a dream room. It won’t become a storeroom if you abide by some organization rules!

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Reconsider The Electronics

tv room
Source: Houszed

It is universally known that the waves from all electronics are harmful. They can affect our sleeping patterns. So, it is important that you either make your bedroom the ‘no gadgets’ zone or have just a few of them in your bedroom! They’ll help your sleep for the better.

But if you are into some digital business or have your home office in your room itself, or maybe you are addicted to the social media fits while in bed, it might be difficult for you to not have gadgets in there.

In that case, you might want to have the charging ports, etc away from your bed. So, while you are sleeping, the radiations of the gadgets don’t affect you so badly!

Make It Soothing

We know we have already discussed the color scheme and the furniture, but even after all is done, there might still be some emptiness in the room or it might still not be satisfying enough! The reason for that is usually the unity in the room. By unity we mean, how everything in the room complements another.

Just because you like it, you’ve chosen macrame wall hangings, an ultra-modern bed, and a Japanese theme (that you’ve ruined already!) Sounds stupid, right? Even though you like various designs and themes, if you add them all to your bedroom, you’ll literally devastate the decor!

So make sure, everything you add to your dream bedroom, from wall color to bedside lamps, complements one another. That’s how your bedroom will be relaxing and soothing enough!

Add Wall Art You Love

bedroom of dreams
Source: NextLuxury

We think this dream bedroom design is simply perfect for teenage girls! Because they absolutely love wall art, Don’t they?

Why only the? We all love wall art of one or the other kind. It might be printables, motivational quotes, wall art paintings, or wall hangings! So don’t forget to include them in your bedroom design.

They personalize your space and make you love it even more!

DON’T Forget The Lighting!

No room can ever look pretty without good lighting! In fact, we believe if you belong to a middle-class family or have a low budget for designing or redesigning a room, just change its lighting! It’ll absolutely change the look of the room and won’t be heavy on your pockets.

Lighting is that important. Plus, it makes your room truly dreamy! Think how beautiful will pink accent light look in a girl’s bedroom. And how awesome will maybe golden lights look for a boy’s bedroom. It depends on your tastes, though. Choose the lighting that you love. And thank us later!

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Ever Thought About Another Sitting Arrangement?

Lucky you! If you have a big bedroom. But the problem with big bedrooms generally is that they look quite empty and we usually don’t find anything that can cover up the extra space.

That’s when you must try considering a sitting space there other than your bed. You can have sofas in the corner or cane chairs or stools. Anything that you like!

This setup gives you the freedom to choose where you want to sit and enjoy.

Even a small bedroom might have some space to accommodate a chair or a sofa, or two. So you might as well consider that. It looks pretty after all!

How About Some Fun In The Room?

fun dream bedroom
Source: Pinterest

You don’t want the conventional boring bedroom, sometimes! That’s when it calls for some fun!

Why not become a kid again and try different designs for your room, like having a bunk bed some stairs, or slides in the bedroom to have fun with? These are great ideas for those who don’t want their bedrooms to be the same old boring spaces and are ready to add a twist!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple. It’s YOUR bedroom and you can design it in any way that soothes your heart and meets your dreams.

So go ahead!

Until next time, happy decorating!

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