Parents can get really stressed out when their kids are in their teenage! But then, we know you are always there for them no matter what they want! Even if that’s their crazy desire for privacy and a fairy-tale-like room for themselves, that just kinda satisfies their whims and fancies!

We get you! And that’s why we’ve come up with some awesome modern grey teenage bedrooms for girls and boys, that they will love you for!

Grey, apparently, is the new classy and since teenagers LOVE to go with what’s trending and futuristic, they are sitting over your head to get a grey bedroom! That’s why most of you are here, right?

Don’t worry. We won’t test your patience anymore and straight look at how you can design a beautiful grey bedroom for your teen, without breaking the budget but meeting their dreams, at the same time!

In we go.

Let Grey And Turquoise Get Your Heart Beating!

With a beautiful modern chandelier and a grey carpet, this room definitely makes a statement! There are grey walls but so much grey doesn’t give it a dingy look owing to the shots of red and turquoise. After all, teenagers don’t like all of it to be dull and dingy! They still retain a child within them, right? (Even though they don’t want to accept!)

Like in the picture, you might also want to add a study area so that they can work in their room itself, whenever they feel like it. And their name on the wall (like in the right) is all they need, for validating that the space is REALLY their’s! So don’t forget to add that.

We don’t want to say that but teenagers are really bad at getting things organized so they might make the room ugly and disorganized once they occupy it! So make sure you add some shelves or baskets to their room that can help them keep organized (at least a little!)

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Everything Big And Bold Does The Magic!

small dark grey teenage bedroom
Source: Idealhome

Not every time, we need a large room to make it look charming! Smalls room, do the magic too. Like this one.

You can get one of the walls painted in dark grey and the others in light. A bed with a big grey headboard is the one most important thing you need, for recreating this room. Adorn the room with your teen’s favorite wall art, be it motivational quotes or their favorite hero’s posters!

Add the nightstands and other things that go with the overall decor. But don’t forget to throw in some splash of color. They’ll love it!

Make It Chic With Some Neon Lights!

elegant and soothing grey bedroom for teenage girls with a splash of white and peach
Source: DigsDigs

If it’s grey, it’s bound to be chic, we know! But why not add some neon lights to make your teenager’s bedroom, even more, appealing to them?

If it’s a teenage girl you are designing the bedroom for, you might love the idea (as in the image) of throwing in some dusky pink cushions and white rug into the decor, to make it look even more girly and feminine. They’d even love it if you have the same color combination (as in the image) done in their room. After all, we too have our heart beating for this one!

Splashes Of Yellow Are Enough To Cast A Spell!

No teenager likes dull and dingy combinations. So it’s our very responsibility to take care of their tastes! That’s why this small grey bedroom is on the list! It can get them drooling too! Believe us!

You can decorate a bedroom in grey exactly as per your and your teen’s preferences but after you are done, throw in some yellow. Using yellow cushions and wall decor is a good idea. You might even want to use a yellow bedside table and a golden lamp to balance the two colors. That’ll do it well, too.

Grey Japanese-Themed Bedroom Can Do The Work!

If your teen loves themed rooms, this one is for him! Japanese bedrooms are trending a lot, these days and you can create one for your teen, quite easily!

All you need for creating it is a low bed, some shoji or byobu sheets, and sliding doors if you wish to give it a traditional look! The main element of Japanese bedrooms is the space. Don’t forget to have a lot of it in your grey teenage bedroom.

But, if by chance you have the furniture in place and still want to give your teenager’s bedroom a Japanese look, why don’t you consider going for a modern Japanese bedroom? They are as great. If you have your heart on this idea, consider checking out our post about Japanese bedrooms here. There, you will get all the information you need, to create one!

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All Neutrals And Some Plants Are All You Need!

dark grey bedroom with plants
Source: Pinterest

Don’t let your teen think that he needs a big bedroom to make an impression. Prove that he can have a small bedroom and still make it praiseworthy, by recreating for him/ her, this look!

In this grey bedroom idea, dark grey is used on one wall, and white is used on all the other walls to balance it out. What makes it quite appealing is the usage of plants and a little splash of gold in the overall look! And how, on earth, can we overlook that beautiful above-the-bed art? It is the very soul of this bedroom design, after all!

Pastels Won’t Ever Fail You!

a light grey bedroom with shots of baby pink
Source: Danetti

Again, if you are designing a teen girl’s bedroom, we are sure her heart is going to skip a beat when she sees this design! This is the dream bedroom of most girls. It might be her’s too!

This one is a quite girly teenage bedroom since it has all the pastels. Light grey is used on the bed and the carpets. White is used on the walls and the carpets too to not let the grey take over too much! To give it a more feminine look, they have used some splashes of pink that do the work, just right!

But what gives this room the look it has, is actually the natural light! Plus, don’t forget to add the wall art/ printables above the bed. Your daughter will love those!

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Ditch The Traditional Walls And You Won’t Need Much Decor..

Grey bedroom with the textured wall.
Source: Furniture123

The Traditional design trends are definitely coming to an end. Futuristic designs are taking their place and they are all worth it! For example, just take a look at the wall in this image! It’s so decent, don’t you think?

If you are looking for a simple bedroom design, you might want to go for textured walls or wall panels (in this case) in your preferred color and you won’t need to spend much on the decor or the maintenance of the room. The room, on the other hand, might look stuffy if you use too much in it. So, if it is elegance but minimalism that you want to have in your modern grey teenage bedroom, we’ll highly recommend you to go for this one!

Seeking Elegance? Use WOOD

Sometimes, we don’t get the look we really want no matter how much we spend on our bedroom decor! Well, in that case, wood might do the work for you!

As you can see in the image, it looks pretty decent with a dark grey wall. In fact, the light color of the wood and the dark color of the wall are creating a contrasting look and thus don’t give the feel of a generic bedroom! Plus, since teenagers love to display what they possess, these floating wooden shelves and bedside table is a great idea!

Throw In A Shot Of Red And You’re Done!

grey and white bedroom for teenagers
Source: HGTV

The room might look quite gloomy and dull if you paint it all in grey and then use grey fabrics! To resist that, try throwing in a splash of some warm color like red, yellow, or orange. Using some cool color that is not similar to grey, can do a great job, too! It depends on your tastes and preferences as to what color would you like in your grey teenage bedroom.

As in the example image too, the room would have looked quite dull if there were no red cushion on the bed. Just observe, how a little thing can create such a big difference! But if it is a teenage bedroom for a boy that you are designing, they might not like any color in the room other than grey! So don’t upset them (even if they are upsetting you so much!)

All Grey Is A Grey-t Idea!

black and grey bedroom with a wooden bedside table and mirror
Source: @vladlen_gontar via Instagram

We love how different shades and tints of the same color can create such a royal look in the room! That’s called monochromatic design and it’s quite popular these days. This can be one of the reasons your teen would love it too!

The floor, the wall, and even the bed are in grey that is creating a look of unity and oneness in the room. Even the bedside table does not stand out. It’s in the same zone of colors. So far as the decor of the room is concerned, the mirror, the hanging lamp, and the above-the-bed wall art can’t be matched! They are amazing!

If your adolescent needs an adult-looking bedroom, this is the best one so far. But if you want to recreate this bedroom for a teenage girl, add some color, please.

Everything Monochrome Is Classy! Don’t You Think So?

a grey monochrome bedroom for teenage girls
Source: @ibedroomcollection via Instagram

Too much monochrome is talked about here! But it’s worth it. Don’t you think? This bedroom uses the same color all around! No variation. Nothing. But still, if your teenager is crazy for one color and wants to paint the whole world in it, maybe you can paint HIS/ HER world (their bedroom) in that color! And this image is to your aid. We are sure.

It’s interesting how even the paper lantern on the ceiling matches the color of the wall, the bed, the bedsheet, the nightstand, and the quilt. Even the basket on the floor doesn’t dare to spoil the show!

Small Bedrooms Are The Coziest We Know

a small grey and white bedroom for teenagers and adults
Source: @house2home_1st via Instagram

Sometimes, it’s bliss to have a small bedroom. They are cozy and intimate. They give the feel of safety and beauty. So does this bedroom.

If your teenager has a small bedroom, try painting it in a light color (light grey in this case) so it gives them a look of being wide. And then use the furniture etc as per the look or the theme you (or THEY) have in mind.

Grey goes quite well with white. So, you might want to go for a grey and white bedroom as in this image. What makes this room stand out is the pretty chandelier. Even the windows have a simple and sophisticated design. Apparently, you can design a room as simple and it can still look classy!

A Splash Of Some Other Color Can Charm You!

a navy blue, grey and white royal bedroom with lamps and nightstands
Source: Pinterest

It is nowhere compulsory to have grey walls if you are aiming to create a grey bedroom! Just as in this image. You can have navy blue walls and grey furniture. That way, the bedroom design won’t look boring and you’ll achieve your idea of the grey theme too!

This is especially great if you are not creating a room from scratch and already have the walls painted. What makes this room the most magical are definitely the white touches! So don’t forget to add them as well.

Boho Design Is Trending For A Reason, After All!

a grey boho bedroom with some woodwork
Source: FifiMcGee

Since teenagers love to display anything and everything that they have, boho design is the best that suits them! And above all, it goes great with grey walls!

So why don’t you give some consideration to the boho-themed bedroom too? We are sure, your teenager will love it! You can add to their boho-room macrame wall hangings, dream catchers, some rough-textured rugs, and bedsheets. Ask them what they want and it’ll be easy to create!

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