Before we start off, we think it is extremely important to know what exactly do we mean by futuristic bedrooms?

As stated clearly, futuristic bedrooms can mean anything. Their meaning is different to different people. They might mean the bedrooms that are expected to be popular in the future, the bedrooms that depict the future i.e they are so modern that they do not even seem as if they belong to the present but some time in the future. For some individuals, futuristic bedrooms can be as interesting as their future as they reflect that. For example, if you wish to be a singer in the future, maybe you’d prefer having a music-themed bedroom as your futuristic room design.

Apparently, there is no clear definition as to what exactly a futuristic bedroom is. You might want to make your own favorite definition as to what this term exactly means. We are covering everything here, for your convenience. So pull up your socks and let’s travel to the future!

Creative Multifunctional Bedroom

futuristic bedroom design
Source: Housessive

As the population of the world is increasing and cramming the world, day in and day out, this design nails the problem so well! And it’s undoubtedly a futuristic idea!

If you have less space in the house, this may be the ideal solution for creating privacy, mood, and elegance!

This design was usually seen in the gaming rooms where under the bed, the gaming set up was situated. But from there, this multifunction idea broke out. And we are grateful that it did.

You can create a whole beautiful house in one single room! Isn’t it just fantastic and so out of the world?

Spread Magic With The Floating Bed

Don’t widen your eyes so much! It’s not anything supernatural! But nothing less either.

Future needs some magic and this kind of bedroom creates it so well! The furniture just doesn’t belong to the floor anymore. The air owns it. But okay, no more praises and back to the reality behind it!

In this kind of design, the headboard of the bed is attached to the wall. This gives the bed a floating look. And it also gives us the freedom to fix lights under the bed and give our room, a look more magical than actually believable!

If it is magic that you believe in, we think this is the best bedroom for you!

Celebrate The View With A Window Front

futuristic bedroom ideas
Source: Housessive

It is in no way necessary to stick to the conventional designs, anymore!

And one of the rules to break are the walls! Ditch them and have glasses at their place, instead. This way, you can celebrate the view outside of your room and never feel lonely.

It even makes the room feel big when it is not! And especially for the ones who have their house by the beach or forest, we are jealous of you. Honestly.

How About The Underwater Look?

Futuristic bedroom decor
Source: Pinterest

We think it’s good to have a quirky future! As quirky as this futuristic underwater design bedroom.

Just imagine how peaceful it’s going to feel when you have an underwater view in the bedroom. It’s as if you are a mermaid. Or at least, it gives the feeling that you are away, quite away, from the chaos and din of this world! It’s your own happy space and the feeling of privacy, security, and peace is always in the air (or water in this case!)

Besides, the blue color for the bedroom is extremely relaxing and recommended. It is even seen that the blue color tends to increase creativity! So for creative people, this underwater-themed bedroom is not only futuristic but creative too!

By the way, don’t you think this bedroom would be such a treat in the summer season? And in winters? Sorry.

Space-themed Bedroom

space themed futuristic bedroom
Source: The Spruce

For those little to-be scientists, what can beat this room that depicts their passion and interest?

As more and more people are now interested in out-of-the-world stuff, space is the perfect theme. In fact, futuristic bedrooms are expected to be themed now. These themes give a certain kind of a look to the bedroom and thus are more relaxing and prettier than a normal or generic bedroom.

So far as this space-themed Bedroom is concerned, you might want to add to it a spaceship-shaped bed. Half of the work is done, you see? Then you might want to stick to the walls or hang from them, faux stars and planets (as shown.)

But the one thing you would not want to forget is the color of the walls of the bedroom. They intend to be dark and space-looking. Light walls might do but not so well! We also like how the ceiling is decorated.

It is not necessary that if you want to go for a space-themed Bedroom, you ought to stick to what’s told. Designing a room is very creative. You ought to let your creativity run riot and see what magic it creates!

Spaceship-themed Bedroom

Spaceship bedroom design
Source: Pinterest

As the sci-fi movies are taking more and more space in the industry and our likings, they are having a strong impact on our bedroom designs too! And one of the best designs they have given us is that of a spaceship.

This design has its soul in the lighting. Really. No matter what kind of room you have, fix the lighting and you can create a high-tech-looking spaceship look!

It definitely makes you feel as if you are in a spaceship and who doesn’t fancy it? One thing that depends upon you (if you want to give a hyper-real look to your spaceship-themed Bedroom), is the addition of chairs and high-tech beds and furniture.

If you have your heart on this design but you’re running on a low budget, fixing the lights would do it incredibly well. Cheers!

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Dance To The Music-Themed Bedroom

As we already believe that themed bedrooms are there to take up space in futuristic designs, music-themed bedrooms cannot be overlooked! We all love music after all, don’t we?

These bedrooms give us a rockstar feeling and get us in touch with the musician within.

To create these, musical wall murals are generally used and musical instruments are hung all around the room to give it a real ‘musical space’ feeling. We have even seen piano-shaped beds. Isn’t that just interesting and super creative?

And how about playing music in this futuristic bedroom? Good idea, we know!

Adopt The Sci-Fi Style With A Smile!

sci fi futuristic bedroom
Source: VideoHive

We have talked about the spaceship sci-fi style already but we couldn’t resist talking about it in general!

With this design, make your room look as if it is a work of fiction; science fiction. With all these classy lights around the room with super elegant, out-of-the-world furniture, you too can create a room similar to this one or maybe, any other that you like!

But the most important aspect of this kind of futuristic bedroom design is to have plenty of space in the room. That’s what gives life to the decor. If it is all stuffed and crammed, maybe you won’t be able to achieve the look you are primarily aiming for. Use good furniture and elegant styles but don’t overspend on too many things. That would actually create a look contrary to what you desire it to be.

Plus, high-tech or modern beds do their best to give this room its overall feel. But as we have already stated, it’s not necessary to overspend on anything. Your pockets matter. Take them into account, first. Then make any buying decision.

Try Sleeping In A Capsule/ Pod Arrangement

capsule bedroom
Source: Quora

We can’t stop the population from growing but we can do our best to contribute to the solution of the problem!

Okay, no beating about the bush and no free, unasked advice. What we are talking about, here, is having a bed-sized room. Before you create a story around that, let us complete what we mean.

So, this concept of having a capsule bedroom originated in japan because of the lack of space there. But the idea, now, is spreading like wildfire, just as the Japanese bedroom design did! In this case, you just have the space to place a bed in your bedroom and one or two other things.

Keeping in mind the increasing population and everyone’s need for privacy, this is indeed a futuristic idea and really, makes the bedroom feel so cozy and safe. Your bedroom feels like your very own and intimate personal space where you can do whatever and whenever and none’s there to interrupt. Isn’t that amazing?

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Black And White Are Still Futuristic!

black and white bedroom
Source: NextLuxury

Yes! Black and white themed bedrooms are yet not out of the race! They have many hearts beating for them right now and undoubtedly, will have them in the future too.

They are so popular that we do not even feel the need to define them but please, bear with us!

You can add anything black or white to your bedroom and magic! It’s ready. These days even black walls are quite popular but if you want to make your room look like a room and not a cave, go for white walls. If you wish, you can add some other neutral colors or a touch of some bold color (like red or yellow) to your bedroom design. This defines the look of the room and makes it look less monotonous.

Do as you please but if you’re going for this bedroom design, don’t ditch the black and white so much! Keep their elegance intact and only add a touch of some bold or neutral color if you like it.

Dark Or Bold Theme

Dark bedroom
Source: Pinterest

We know we have already talked a bit about adding dark or bold colors to your futuristic bedroom design and the magic they create!

But how about the idea of painting the room dark or bold? Think about it! How amazing will your room look once you have the walls painted black or red! Or maybe yellow or royal blue? The room would be vibrant and unique. That’s what the future, too, is.

Don’t hesitate to add those extraordinary colors to your bedroom. They are futuristic and they create a statement. Choose those that resonate with you and your personality. You won’t regret the decision. Also, don’t forget to add the furniture that goes well with the dark or bright wall color you have chosen. Furniture is as important as the walls are. Especially the bed. We’re elaborating on the furniture, below.

Use Furniture That Makes A Statement

The bed is the life of the bedroom. The moment you enter your bedroom, the first thing you notice is the bed. And we just cannot afford to overlook the importance of it and the other furniture that belongs to the bedroom, especially when a futuristic bedroom is concerned.

These days, there is a variety of beds and other furniture items you can choose from! There are hi-tech beds that give you prime comfort. They can vibrate when you need a massage, turn when you want them to be a sofa, have charging ports installed in them, so on and so forth, only at the click of a button! Amazing, aren’t they?

But, in case, you don’t want to have such hi-tech beds and just simple pretty beds, why not go for those trendy platform beds? Or maybe, those canopy beds or floating beds might work the best for you. The one you choose depends on the look you go for.

The other furniture items like the nightstands or wall shelves should also be chosen in accordance with the overall look of the room so that the feeling of oneness is maintained.

If it overwhelms you to choose what kind of furniture to go for, choose wood. It never grows old and works well with any and every theme!

Keep It Very Light And Spiritual

As we age, it is but natural to get inclined towards light colors and spirituality. Even, some surveys say that people of all ages are now becoming more and more interested in tasting simplicity, elegance, and spirituality. And you know, how closely white is related to it!

White never goes out of fashion! So if it is simplicity coupled with an elegance that you are aiming for your futuristic bedroom design, use white. You might as well want to use some other neutrals in your room except black.

Another advantage of having an all-white bedroom is that you can anytime change the color scheme or the look of the room and it will look as new as ever!

We, of course, think that this color scheme and design has been around for years now but you know what? It’s still going nowhere. And it’s still futuristic. Adopt it guilt-free.

Try An Ultra Modern Bed

ultra modern futuristic bed
Source: SKF Decor

We know, we have already talked at length about how thoughtfully you need to choose the furniture (especially the bed) for your bedroom. But this one needed special attention! After all, we are talking about futuristic design, right? And we can’t overlook the futuristic furniture, in that case.

To give your bedroom an honestly futuristic look, the best way to do it is to have an ultra-modern bed. A bed that looks super amazing and out-of-the-world, and somewhat unique (as in this image.) There are, of course, various designs you can choose from and that depends completely on your preferences.

Go ahead. Choose an ultra-modern bed and show your artistic skills in your futuristic decor!

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the headboards. They are a crucial part of room decor and create a statement. Make sure you take good advantage of them!

Smart Tech Bedroom

tech bedroom 1
Source: IndiaMART

Technology is advancing at an unbelievable speed and we’d be fools if we don’t take advantage of it!

After all, technology is the future. And when creating a futuristic bedroom design, we can’t do without it. So just think about how can you incorporate technology in your bedroom to make your experience there, more comfortable and enjoyable? Well, the first thing that comes to our mind is the hi-tech beds. They can perform various functions by pressing a switch! We think we have discussed this one in the ‘Use furniture that makes a statement part.

Besides that, you can use various devices that make your life comfortable and don’t let you get out of bed every time you want to do something. For example, use remote-controlled blinds so you can control them without leaving the bed. Another great idea is to use an alarm mat that doesn’t stop ringing and buzzing unless you step on it in the morning!

There are tons and tons of technological things that you can use to make your life more convenient. It’s high-tech and it’s futuristic. That’s why it’s here.

Low Beds Are A Must

low bed
Source: IDF Design

We know we are talking too much about the beds but it’s like talking about the body and not the soul if we talk about the bedroom and not the bed. Anyway, the credit for the very beautiful low beds goes again to the Japanese bedroom decor. It has actually revolutionized conventional decor, in some way or the other.

So far as a futuristic bedroom is concerned, using a low bed is a prudent decision keeping in view the upsurge in the popularity of such beds. They give you a feeling of being grounded. Plus they are beautiful. Do we even need any other reason to add them to our bedroom decor?

How About Geometric Decor?

futuristic geometric bedroom
Source: Trend Hunter

If you love maths or geometry, we think this room suits you the best. Even if you don’t, try considering it!

Playing around with shapes in your bedroom is interesting! And as we think, themed bedrooms are futuristic, Geometric bedrooms have their name on the list.

For nailing this design, try using rugs that have lines or shapes, or try Geometric wall murals or striped bedsheets, and super elegant symmetrical furniture, etc. It all depends on your creative juices! Let them flow!

Murals Are The Way To Go!

We are impressed how murals have made their way up to the present and now the future!

They are so popular that they have no chances of leaving the race for the next few years or more!

So far as murals are concerned, you can do anything with them. You can have your picture painted on the wall, or some quote that’s written or nature or your passion. Anything and everything. You can be creative with this design and you can get it changed anytime in the future! It’s futuristic, remember;)

Make It Royal And Colorful

colorful bedroom
Source: Pinterest

This picture of a royal and colorful bedroom had our hearts skip a beat! It’s that pretty!

How about going not for a single color scheme and going for all the colors in the rainbow for your bedroom? Creative and fun, right? To nail the futuristic design, we ought to be creative, and what is more creative than using colors the right way?

What adds charm to this room are not only the colors but also the furniture. Use high-quality furniture and you will nail this one!

Again Fall In Love With Your Dreams And Passions

Have you ever considered the idea that rather than paying attention to what futuristic bedrooms will be like, you create one that is YOUR VERY OWN?

Let us explain, you definitely have your dreams and passions. You know what you want to be in the future. So why not show that dream in your personal space? That’s the REAL futuristic thing for you.

If you love football or want to be a footballer, consider the above example. If you love music, music-themed bedroom. If it is fairytales that you ko to read or write, fairy bedrooms, and so on and so forth.

So check with yourself what you are passionate about. And create your futuristic bedroom that depicts YOUR future!

Embrace Minimalism

minimalistic futuristic bedroom 1
Source: Pinterest

Minimalism is not a very new concept, certainly. As people are becoming more aware of the importance of quality over quantity, zen design, holistic design, this style forms the core of all this.

As now, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of space in their surroundings, minimalism is going to retain one of the top seats in the prettiest and trendiest design styles. After all, it has its unique beauty and undoubtedly, it’s futuristic.

How Do You Think About Digital Walls?

digital walls
Source: Pinterest

Don’t you think it sometimes becomes tiresome to choose the right theme for your room and then pick and choose various wall arts, murals, etc?

But imagine if you have a digital wall and you can change the color of it anytime you want like you change your phone wallpaper. You can have wall art on the screen itself. If you want a white room, switch the color. If you want it pink, switch the color. Do you want a mural? Do it. All in a flick of a switch! That’s what the futuristic room background really looks like.

It’s the technology and it’s our future!

How Can We Forget Biophilic?

biophilic futuristic bedroom
Source: DforDesign

Biophilic! We can’t afford to forget that!

In simplest terms, biophilic design means adding plants and greenery to your interiors. This is seeing the upward graph and is expected to see it for a few years now.

We are not saying you should grow a jungle in your bedroom! But because a bedroom is a place to relax and feel at peace, you need an environment that supports it. Plants help you create that. They increase the oxygen level in your interiors and keep the room cool. Beauty is of course an additional advantage.

It’s also futuristic in the sense that they make you live long so you can see the future, at least! Makes sense?

So, don’t forget to add plants to your bedroom. They are important.

What Do You Think About Curved Furniture?

curved Furniture
Source: ComfyCo

The futuristic design needs you to break the design stereotypes! One of them is the conventional and typical square or rectangle furniture!

Ditch that design and go for rounded furniture. That will give your room a new look and you won’t regret it! Believe us.

Use Mood/ Accent Lights

We believe that if you are tight on the budget but still want to change the look of your space, fix the lighting!

Change the placement of the lights in the room or change their color. It’ll do magic! Trust us.

You might also want to have accent lighting and mood lighting in your room! They are popular now and will be more popular, in the years to come. So go ahead!

Hidden Wardrobe

futuristic hidden wardrobe
Source: RenoGuide

These days no one likes to show off their cupboards or closets. So what you can do instead is to have a hidden wardrobe. Maybe the in-built cupboards that have their doors like the color of the walls or have a separator between your room and your wardrobe (as in the image), or anything of your choice!

It definitely makes the room look pretty neat and less cluttered. Who doesn’t like that?

Things To Keep In Mind Before Decorating A Futuristic Bedroom

Before you get your hands on really designing your bedroom, there are a few things we’d recommend you to keep in mind. They are:

Space: No matter what decor you go for, what gives it its true beauty is the availability of space. Don’t stuff the room too much that it’s beauty gets veiled. Have enough space in there.

Lighting: As we have already said, the overall beauty of the room comes from its lighting. Be careful about where you place your lights. You can have lampshades, accent lighting, etc. Also, do not forget to add windows so you have natural light coming in. That’s important too.

Budget: Very important! You don’t have to empty your pockets to fill up a room. Make sure you know what your budget is, and how much you can afford. Purchase anything accordingly. Also, sometimes the thing you are purchasing is cheap but its maintenance is too high. Think long-term and choose wisely.

Which Design Have You Chosen?

So, by now we think, you would have had a fair idea of how the futuristic decor is going to look like.

And since you’ve carefully gone through everything that we could manage to gather about the futuristic bedroom design, we think you might have picked out your favorites!

Do let us know in the comments below, which one is it that you liked the most!

Until next time, happy decorating!

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