‘How to decorate my study room?’ is such a common question but there is no common answer to it! Everyone’s idea of a good study room is different and that is why it is difficult to answer the question. There are a lot of peaceful study room decorating ideas around, but some are those that are close to our hearts and that we think, will cater the best to your study needs.

But before we proceed any further, let us clarify what we mean by a study room? A study room, in the most simple terms, is a place where you study, do your homework, do office work, or do paperwork. Ideally, a study room is a must-have. It can be a separate corner in your bedroom or a whole separate room dedicated to the task.

This post is primarily focused on how you can design and decorate a study room that you most like. Here you go.

Let’s Be Creative With The Bunk Bed

We can understand how much of a headache it can be when you want a study room for your kids but do not have enough space to add one! That’s when creativity steals the show. Like this one. There is so much space under the bunk bed that you can, very comfortably, add a desk and a chair to form a cozy, nice, and serene study space! Isn’t that a great idea?

We like this because it gives a sense of peace and security to the one who is going to study/ work (you can also use it as a home office) there. For studying, you know, you need an environment that’s small and safe so you can focus. This study space under the bunk bed offers exactly that! And above all, it makes a great study room decor!

Ever Considered A Floating Desk?

study room decor
Source: NextLuxury

The most fascinating thing in decor, these days, is the floating furniture! It’s so popular these days that we think, floating desks will create the same magic! Plus, they look very neat and clean.

An additional advantage that they add to your study room is that there is no clutter under these desks like shelves and racks. They simply are decent and elegant. That’s what we want our study room to be.

There are many varieties of floating desks out there, choose the one that you most like, but that doesn’t affect your budget!

How About A Boho Study Room?

boho study room
Source: Etsy

When the various design trends are taking over the bedrooms and living rooms, even the kitchens, and bathrooms, why leave the study room behind?

You can very well go for a Boho (Bohemian) look for your study room decor so that it has a look more fascinating than any other! If you go for this design, make sure you add macrame wall hangings, earthy colors, and some plants. Even there are a lot of other study room decoration items that you can add to this style! So, go ahead and find out.

But, but, but, think twice before you choose this theme for your study room. Study rooms become the most productive spaces when you allow minimalism to prevail. Boho is the exact opposite! So choose wisely. If you still choose this one, there’s none to stop you.

Think Biophilic

biophilic study room
Source: Scructube

Plants increase oxygen levels, which in turn improves the functioning of your brain that helps you to study better. And then? Good marks!

So adding plants to your study room is the smartest choice you could possibly make! They add an element of beauty to your study room decor, as an additional advantage.

Consider adding them in various ways, like hanging plants, having them on the floor and wall shelves, on your desk. Wherever they see elegant and wherever you want them to be.

But remember, it’s a study room you’re designing. Not a jungle!

Motivation Is A Good Idea

study room wall art
Source: Etsy

Your kids, or you yourself, might get easily bored by studying so much. But then you have goals and you need to work hard enough to achieve them!

That’s where the motivational/ inspirational quotes come in. Have them around, in your study room so you can read them often and stay motivated!

You can get great motivational quotes printables on Etsy, or Amazon. And they are awesome for your study room.

Don’t Forget The Natural Lighting

study room ideas
Source: YapoKupayu

Natural light, absolutely adds a lot of positivity, optimism, and productivity to your atmosphere. You feel quite excited to do the work that you should do. That’s why it is so important to add a window or any source of natural light to your study room design.

Your child will definitely feel at peace, joyful, and motivated for studying when you have natural light coming into his study room. Even Vastu and Feg Shui recommend that. How can we neglect it?

Fall In Love With Light Colors

study room color
Source: Rhinov

You know what? Colors have such a profound impact on our physical and mental health! They affect us in each area of our lives and when it comes to studying, they come into play there as well.

That’s why is of crucial importance to have the right colors in your study room. Having light colors around the room is most recommended but then it all comes down to the personality of the one who is going to work in that room. That’s a wide topic and that’s why we have a full post dedicated to it. You can check that out here.

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Lights Are Compulsory. You See?

study room lights
Source: Pinterest

You can’t manage to concentrate or study well at the place where the lights are disturbing. That’s why it is so important to have good lights installed in your study space.

We particularly like these lights in the above example. They don’t fall directly on your eyes and do not cause eye fatigue. Plus they don’t clutter your desk and look extremely decent.

But if you don’t want to go for these or already have a setup in which you cannot manage to install them, go for table lamps. But make sure they are good quality and provide good light. After all, you have to work in the space! By the way, we think this one is a great study room idea for adults. Don’t you think so?

Lack Of Space? No Problem!

Nowadays, it is no problem at all to not have enough space in the house so you can add a whole study room! You need a space to study, right? So why not have it in your own bedroom or any room of your choice for that matter.

You just need a corner, after all.

So, if that is what you want to do, go for a rounded table (as in the image) or any table of your choice. Keep the decor to minimalistic so that the corner does not look very cramped and you can work without any mental or physical clutter. Rest, the decor of your study space depends on your tastes. Good luck with that!

Remember To Add Other Sitting Spots

study room lighting
Source: Pinterest

Studying can become monotonous if we keep sitting at the same place all the time! The same view, the same books, the same table, it’s all so tiring after a while!

That is why it is so important to have another sweet spot to study in the room itself! Check the example image for an idea. If you don’t want to sit on the chair, sit on that extended window sill and enjoy reading while you enjoy the view outside, simultaneously! This does not require a lot of space definitely and can be fitted well in a small study room design. Good idea. Right?

It’s A Sin To Ditch Wall Shelves

study room decor ideas
Source: BlakesLondon

If you are a reading nerd or have heaps of books lying around, this one is for you!

Have a big rack or a wall shelf or a bookshelf in the room so that all of your book collections can be found in one place. We want to study and not waste time looking for a book all around the house. Above all, we want to make our study room functional. Makes sense? So get a bookshelf and thank us later.

By the way, have you ever considered converting your study room to a home library? That’s as amazing and peaceful. And if you are a book nerd like us, it’s heaven! Believe us.

Acknowledge Your Kids’ Tastes Too!

pink study room
Source: Filomena&Vaz

If it’s your kids that you are designing the study room for, make sure they enjoy being there! Because if they don’t, it’s no use for you taking so much pain in designing a study room for them!

That is why it is so important for any parent to see what their kids like and add that ‘something’ to their study area. For example, if your daughter likes dolls, have them in there. But out of her reach, lol! Or she’ll play instead of studying. The same goes for the boys. Have cars in their area. BUT OUT OF THEIR REACH! If you don’t like that idea, why not have doll (or anything) stickers all around their study room? At least they’ll be in their presence and not play with them!

We Think Murals Are A Good Choice!

To add some color and texture to your study room decor, consider wall murals! At least, they don’t let your study room look very dull and boring!

But make sure they are not of the colors that are very distracting. Keep them elegant and simple. If you want to know which colors you should go for your study room and which ones to not go for, we have a post around that. Consider reading it for better knowledge.

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Minimalism Is The key!

We think we have already put forward this point, but it is important to give some attention to it, at least once.

So here you go. You need a simple study room design that is minimalistic. Minimalism lets you focus on one thing because you don’t have so many things around, that are fighting for your attention! Focus is what we most want when it comes to our study space!

So make sure, there is not a lot of distracting stuff around but only what’s needed. You’ll literally love yourself for this decision!

Consider Adding A Rug!

study room rug
Source: Glaminati

If you like rugs and carpets, go ahead and choose one! But make sure they don’t pinch the eye and go with the overall theme of your study room.

Now that depends on you whether you want a rug that just fits under your chair or you want to cover the entire carpet area with a carpet. Think how you would like it and go ahead.

But, let us add this, rugs and carpets are said to absorb a lot of negative energy. That’s not what you want in your study. So make sure you get them washed, frequently.

You Know Kids Love Scribbling Walls And Boards!

kids study room ideas
Source: Real Homes

After seeing so many scribbles on the wall all around the house, we don’t think we need to tell you how much children love scribbling here and there. Why not give them a place to do just that?

Just try to add a black or whiteboard or a scribble wall in their study room so they can write and rub there, whenever they feel like it!

And you know what? It makes them learn faster. So everything is to your advantage! And their’s.

Wooden Is Ever-Green!

study room design
Source: @wowfactoryhomestyling via Instagram

We can’t recommend wooden design enough! Whenever you don’t have any idea as to what your study room design should look like, go for wood! That design is evergreen and never fades off.

You can also use this space as your home office. It’s as functional and relaxing as a study room. After all, these days, these terms are interchangeable!

Don’t Overlook The Comfortable Chairs!

study room decoration
Source: Livspace

You literally have to sit in the study room for hours together! How can you overlook the seat where you have to spend all your hours?

That’s why it is so important to have a nice chair that goes well with the overall theme, looks good and most of all is comfortable! A nice chair and desk are all you need to complete more than half your study room decor!

The bottom line is, don’t overlook the importance of good furniture in the room. It should be comfortable and functional and cater to your needs. Keep it less but keep it good.

Add That Nap Corner!

peaceful study room decor
Source: Viva Decora

We are sure you haven’t heard of this anywhere so far. But here. You know what? Naps are extremely important if you want to increase your productivity and when you are studying, your mind gets tired soon. For that, you much have a space in the study room itself where you can nap for a while and get back to work.

Having a nap corner in the study room itself is great because you don’t feel distracted and remain in the study-mood even after you get up. If you go to some other room in the house and promise yourself to come back in 5 minutes, those 5 minutes just don’t come! Don’t let that happen and have a nap corner.

By the way, you can thank us later!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What all to put in my study room?

There are a lot of things that you need to put in your study room. Let us name some of the important ones for you:

  • Chair
  • Table
  • Books and notebooks
  • Pens, highlighters, scales, markers, pencils, erasers, sharpners, etc.
  • A book shelf.
  • A pen holder
  • A table lamp.
  • Some sticky notes.
  • A computer and a mouse, if needed.

Which color is the best for the study room?

The best colors for your study room are said to be the light ones. Light blue and greens are the absolute best. But then, the direction in which your study room is situated also makes a difference and colors you should go for, also depend upon that. This is a vast topic and to get a deeper understanding of it, consider reading this post. It will definitely clear all your doubts regarding the color you ought to go for regarding your study room wall paint or decor.

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How to make your study space cozy?

There are various ways that you can use to make your study room cozy. Some of them are:

  • Use chairs that have thick cushions. They make yoiu feel very comfortable and your study room cozy.
  • Use dark colored furniture. Dark colors definitely make the space feel small and thus, very intimate and welcoming.
  • Use dark wall paints or neutral colors like grey or brown. This is a great way to give a cozy feel to your study room. Don’t go for dark colors all around or it will feel like a cave. Go for medium shades that don’r scare yiou but resonate with you. They may be beige, grey or a very light yellow.
  • Have dim lights all around the room except your study desk. It makes the room feel so safe and warm, believe us!

What is the difference between a home library and a study room?

A study room is particularly designed for studying, office work, or paperwork. It might or might not have bookshelves.

But, a home library has big bookshelves and looks like a mini-library. You don’t usually do the office work or paperwork in there and the place is assigned to read the books you have on the shelves.

Can the study room be a home office?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, these days there is little difference between a study room and a home office.

What is a reading room?

A specific space in your house that you have set aside to read books, is a reading room. It is usually a peaceful space where no one disturbs you with your reading!

It is usually the home library if you have one!

How to make my study room peaceful and positive?

There are a few tips we can give you when the peace and positivity of your study room are concerned. Follow up and you’ll know:

  • To achieve peace and positivity in your study room, light wall colors steal the show. Use light colors on the walls and half the work is done.
  • Keep the room well lit. Make sure natural light comes in. But don’t cut down on artificial lights either.
  • Keep the furniture in the room to the minimum.
  • Make sure the overall holistic feel of the room is maintained. You should not have anything in the room that upsets the eye or stands like an odd one out.
  • Get your rugs or carpets that belong to the room, washed frequently. Thry absorb negativity.
  • Above all, try keeping the room soundproof as much as you can.

Can I study in my bedroom?

You absolutely can. But you might not want to study on your bed because neither is it healthy nor good for your mental health.

So, even if you want to study in your bedroom, try placing a chair and a table in the corner so you can sit there and study. That will make a good study atmosphere and you’ll be able to study better.

How can I organize my study room?

The best way you can organize a study room is by having wall shelves, drawers, pen stands, and files. You can organize your books on the wall shelves, your stationery in the pen stands, and the paper in the files. Quite a lot of your organization is done by doing these little things. But if you want to take it to the next level, we recommend using multifunctional furniture so that you have a lot of space to store your supplies and the room doesn’t look cluttered.

How can I make my study room aesthetic?

Use a lot of colors around and use good wall art and printables. Have colorful markers and pens on your desk.

Use colorful furniture. Have mood lighting and throw in some plants. Your study room that does not look like a study room, is ready!

Why on Earth do you want it to be aesthetic by the way? Keep it simple, man!

How can I make my study room study-friendly?

By studying in it.

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