For most people, the study room is their happy space where they can calmly pursue their work and there would be no one who would disturb them for hours! But what if the look of your study space just isn’t appealing enough? What if it makes you feel repellant more than it instills energy and productivity in you?

Well, there are various reasons that can create that kind of bad atmosphere in your study room but one definitely, is the wall paint! Most people just don’t know which wall paint for their study room, is the best? But you aren’t one of them! Because YOU are at the right place! Here you will find out which colors you should use and which colors you shouldn’t use for your study room wall painting! Without any further ado, let’s find out…

The Best Color Combinations For Your Study Room Wall Painting

Baby Pink With White And Grey

pink study room 1
Source: @luxurykidsroom via Instagram

If you want your study room to be a subtle, sweet, and simple space, pink is an idle color to go for, especially for girls!

It gives a peaceful and calm feeling to the space and increases productivity! We, in particular, like how the pink wall paint has been beautified with grey curtains and white furniture. It makes the space inviting and relaxing. This is what you idly want your study room to be, right?

It is a pastel color and thus, is also highly recommended by Vastu! So in both cases, Vastu or your productivity, this is the one to choose!

Yellow with White

yellow study room
Source: @quartodecorado via Instagram

No matter if it is your home office or your study room, the combination of yellow and white nails it! It is an idle combination for a kid’s study room too!

If you want a space that is downright playful plus productive, nothing else can match this one, we think. We also like how the look of subtlety is provided with the help of white furniture.

The plant at the side of the table goes killing. Don’t you think so too?

Blue and Grey

blue study room
Source: @squareroomsmag via Instagram

This one, again, we think is an idle color combination for both your study room and home office! The white walls are not really visible in this one since it is all covered with blue panels and grey shelves. But this color combination, still, is great in case you too have a lot of shelves and wall panels in your study room! (or even if you want to paint your wall based on this combination).

We think this color goes pretty well for a boy’s study room as they quite like neutral colors and blues (just observe the color of their clothes sometimes!). But girls as well might like these colors. It all depends upon the individual preferences, you see.

White and Black With Beige

black and white study room
Source: @joeykhu via Instagram

If it is a small, sweet space that you intend to convert into a study room, how can you overlook this picture! We have literally fallen flat for this color combination for a study room!

All neutrals go so well for any and every room! Even in this one, the combination of white and black makes it look so classy and royal. With this one, you would want to sit and study here for hours together. It is such a beautiful space. Even the minimalism of this space kills us!

After all, you need space in your study room, to make it comforting, relaxing, and downright productive. If there are too many things out there, you just can’t manage to focus! It’s that simple!

Printed walls with white panels

royal study room
Source: @luminescencedecor via Instagram

Do you like the royal, imperial palace feel? If so, this one is simply picked and chosen for you.

We could never imagine how a simple corner could be converted into a royal study space with pastel-colored printed walls and white panels! This is again pastel and so, Vastu and Feng Shui highly recommend it!

So, for a queen (which every girl certainly is), these are the colors for the study! So what have you chosen, queen?

White with Beige

beige study room
Source: via Instagram

We believe minimalism is the key to a productive study space! And what forms the icing on the cake is, when the room is painted in subtle colors. Exactly as this one is.

Just observe how beautifully the room is painted in white and combined with the beige floor and wall shelves. No matter you are a girl or a boy, you can’t manage to say no to this design! (because we couldn’t;)

All White

white study room
Source: @melicwan via Instagram

Again white! We think white is the new normal for each and every study room that there is!

If you can’t manage to find and choose a color for your study space, go for white! It is subtle. It is good. It is productive. All you need is this. What else? If you are a girl, couple it with pink (or whichever color you like the most) furniture or curtains (like, in the image above). And if you are a boy, couple it with blue or grey furniture! White works wonders for everyone, you see?

White, Grey And Turquoise

turquoise study room
Source: @archieriodesigns via Instagram

What do you think about the turquoise walls? We think they are uncommon and they are amazing!

It doesn’t repel you while you are sitting and studying! Rather, it creates the coolness and calmness that’s most needed. The newness that this color creates is what makes us get attracted to it.

If you too like something uncommon and extraordinary, why not try picking this one?

Beige panels And No Wall Painting

simple study room
Source: @celineyindesign via Instagram

Want to get done with your study room walls, once and for all? Try not to paint your study room walls but have on them, the panels, as shown! It creates the perfect beautiful look that you most desire, does not require a lot of maintenance, and is not heavy on your budget.

So if that is the choice you make, you’re smart!

Green With Some Neutrals

green study room
Source: @luxurykidsroom via Instagram

Big study room? Having printed walls can get you sorted! Prints don’t make the room look like it is massive and gigantic but rather, they give it a royal and inviting feel.

You might want to choose the colors as per your preference as in this case, green goes incredibly well with white, and grey!

Best Study Room Colors According To Vastu

Some of the vital color tips for the study room as per Vastu, are:

  • Try using maximum light colors in your study space since they make you calm and peaceful. Peacefulness is what makes you concentrate well and score to the highest of your ability.
  • White is the most preferable of all colors for the study room since it has the most peaceful and calming effect.
  • Pastel green or light green, pastel blue or light blue, a tint of pink, a tint of yellow or beige may be used for the best results in studying, as per Vastu experts.
  • Always avoid dark colors in your study room because they create peacelessness and that’s not what you want while you study. Right?
  • As per Design Cafe, pastel green is the best color if your study room is in the north. For a study room in the east, a combination of pale yellow and white is idle and for a study room in the north-east, try going for voilet color, according to Vastu.
  • Light colors, as per vastu, are auspicious as they inhance your intellectual capacity and thus, your marks!

Best Study Room Colors According To Feng-Shui

  • Shades of white, grey, beige may be used in the study space since they create the feel of serenity and calm which is most essential for a study environment.
  • Watery hues such as blue and a little bit of black (not too much) may be added to increase the feeling of calm to your study.
  • Make sure to paint your study room in soft tones i.e preferably pastel colors. They provide a lot of positive energy to your study space and blocks all the negative energy. So you, certainly, can concentrate and score better!

Best Study Room Colors As Per Researches And Studies

  • A study shows, that cool colors in the environment lead to an increase in the short term memory recall and cognitive learning as compared to the warm colors. Thus, it is advisable that your study room has cool colors or pastel colors (because they have a cool effect) to achieve the maximum benefits from studying there.
  • Another study proved that the effect of color red (warm color) had quite a bad effect on males whereas, girls did not show that bad a performance when exposed to red. Apparantly, if it’s a study room your are painting, for a male, you must preferably not use reds and yellows. In a girl’s case, a touch of warm colors might not have any adverse effects as in the case of boys. For a boy’s study space, painting their room in neutrals is most preferable.
  • Green, browns and blues are all associated with nature and thus they promote tranquility and peace. Thus, they are the best choices you could make while choosing the right paint for your study room walls and even furniture.

Which Colors Not To Add To Your Study?

Now, since you know what colors to add to your study space, it is equally important to know which colors not to add in there for the maximum benefits! So let’s get straight to the list:

  1. Do not add very dark colors (like black, dark grey, dark blue etc.) to your study space because they absorb a lot of negative energy and that’s not what you want, we are sure. Study needs a lot of positive energy! Believe us! While dark colors might look very decent when you look at the room from afar but while working in the room, it’s terrible!
  2. Try NOT adding warm colors to the study space since they are associated with increasing the physical energy, not mental. You want to study, not dance!

How To Choose The Perfect Wall Paint And Colors For YOUR Study Room

Size Of The Study Room

Before you finalize any wall paint for your study, one important factor to consider is the size of your study room.

If it’s a big space you aim to get painted, we’d recommend using color combinations that make a room look smaller and cozier, which creates an ideal environment for studying. But make sure you don’t use extremely dark shades. Remember what we mentioned before? They absorb a lot of negativity and that’s not what you want.

Rather, you could paint the walls in pastels or white and add shelves and furniture that’s a bit darker than the walls. Sounds easy? It is.

Who Is The Room for?

Whether the study room you intend to paint, is for a girl or a boy is also a question of considerable importance!

As we already stated above, for a boys study room- various colors like reds and yellows have a bad effect on their productivity and performance. While neutral colors like grey and white (not black please!) do extremely well for them. Whereas girls do not mind adding colors to their spaces since they don’t adversely affect their performance. (But for some girls, they might affect their performance. Everyone isn’t the same, right?)

Thus, it is of extreme importance that you take into consideration the gender as well as the liking and disliking of the person you are painting the study room for. It is then that the room will be of the highest advantage to him or her.

In Which Direction Is The Room?

The placement of the study room in the house is also of great importance!

According to Vastu, your study room should ideally be located in the north or east or north-east side of your house! (If this is not the case, try placing your study table and chair in the north, east, or north-east direction of your room. (Sounds easy now? That’s what we are here for!)

So back to the point, as per DesignCafe, if your study room is found in the north, pastel green is the idle color for it. If it is located in the east, you must prefer using the combination of pale yellow (not too bright) and white. And lastly, if it is situated in the northeast, going for violet color is idle! But dark violet we are sure, won’t do. Lavender, instead, is preferable!


  1. Make sure to use light and soft colors in your study space. They increase peacefulness and make you concentrate better than ever.
  2. Do not use very dark colors (especially black) since they absorb negativity. And that’s not what you want for your study room.
  3. Don’t use very bright colors such as red, yellow and orange because they increase physical energy not mental capacity.
  4. Choose colors for your study room keeping in mind the personality, taste preferences and gender of the one the room is being painted for.

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