A study room in the house is the most underrated but really, it mustn’t be! We all need to understand how crucial it is to have one.

For that understanding only, let’s see what a study room actually is and why you need to compulsorily have one?

What Is A Study Room?

The easiest definition of a study room is the place dedicated solely to your work. If you have a study room in the house, it is basically a place where you study, do the office work or read. It’s the development of your kind that happens here.

That is why it is as important as having a meditation room! So without any more delay, straight into it.

Why It Is COMPULSORY To Have A Dedicated Study Area?

So after we know, what exactly is meant by a study room, why not look into a number of reasons why a dedicated study room is of crucial importance in our house?

Here are a number of reasons we could figure out:

It Saves You From The Unnecessary Clutter Around Your House

The first problem every student faces is finding the right book at the right time!

That is usually because of the absence of a study space. If you don’t have one, you are likely to study in various areas in your house, like the bedroom or the living room. And the result? The books are scattered here and there. Looking for them can be a headache once you need them.

The best way to fix that issue is by having a dedicated study area where you know, everything that belongs to your studies must be found there. Isn’t it so big a time saver and a relief!

It Helps Declutter Your Mind

Okay! There are not just some benefits that do only with the space and organization.

Do you know that having things organized relieves stress and provides clarity? What else does a student need for academic success?

You just can’t afford to compromise on your mental health, right? And if a study room in the house can give a good one to you, why even give a second thought?

You Now Have A Quiet Space To Think And Plan

As students, you are likely to be upset with the noises all-around your house, that are just so normal. But while studying, they are disturbing as hell!

That is why having a quiet place will enable you to think and plan without any interruptions.

The quality of your thoughts, plans, and work, is thus sure to increase.

You/ Your Kid Win Over All The Distractions Here

Of course, you need a rule in your study room saying, ‘no devices allowed.’

Once you know that you must not have any device taken to the study room, the absence of them will let you study better than before. The notifications won’t disturb you anymore.

This can also be done at the place where you study, even if it is not a dedicated study area, but since the visibility of any device is enough to distract us, having a place that does not entertain devices is a must-have.

A Tranquil Place To Read

A study room is of course, not just a place where you study or do office work or paperwork. It could be that cozy reading space devoid of all the noises of the world you’ve always wanted.

If you have your study space, you have that dream reading area too!

What more could one want in life?

Improves Focus And Motivation

It is understood enough, but still, just to reiterate, a space without distractions is definitely a space that aids your focus.

Also, since you form a habit of studying in that same room every now and then, the moment you enter it, you automatically switch to a study zone even if you were not previously in a mood to. That’s the best benefit, actually!

And after you are focused and do the work well, you are bound to be and stay motivated!

And Finally, You Can Work Hard In Silence!

Okay! This is a topper’s problem we are addressing but it’s a real problem, you see?

It is when your friends come home and all your textbooks, notes and notebooks are visible, you don’t want to let them know you’ve been studying! All that competitive stuff you see?

Why not just get all your study material to the study room in the house and lock the door, so your friends cum competitor just don’t know what and if you’ve been studying. And when you top the class, it’s fun to see their eyes wide with disbelief!

How To Ensure That Your Study Room Is Good Enough?

It Is Spacious

One of the important aspects of having a study room is that it must be spacious.

The primary reason is, that space in our outer environment leads to space in our inner environment. Simply put, it ensures focus and concentration and doesn’t cram your mind with thoughts.

So whether you have a dedicated study area or you are studying anywhere in your house, ensure that the space is not stuffed.

It Ensures Privacy

Another important aspect of a study room is that it must ensure privacy and peacefulness. If you study in some other room of your house, there are chances of traffic there. That must not be the case with your study.

If that is there, you’ll not get distracted and will be able to study better than ever. After all, that’s the reason why we have a study room in the first place.

It Is Vastu-Compliant

Vastu is the architectural science that can set all the energies in the house, right!

Vastu defines the direction you must place your study desk in, where your study room must be located and what colors suit your study space the best? There are a lot of hints of the right study space you can find in the Vastu science, so remember that you comply with them.

That is sure to make your study space one of the most peaceful study spaces you’ve probably ever seen.

Where Comfort Is Not Compromised

It is impossible to study in an environment where comfort is not dealt with. Imagine sitting on a hard chair and studying for hours. Then, you’ll require hours to fix your back.

Or suppose that you have a study table that does not ensure the right posture! Will you be able to concentrate? Never on earth.

That is why, when you choose the furniture for the study room, it is important that above all, it ensures your comfort. That is when your concentration will reach its full potential.

There Is Enough Visiblility

By visibility, we don’t mean you have transparent doors so that others can see what you are up to.

By visibility, we mean that whatever you are doing, is visible to you! That means, proper lighting.

If you don’t have the necessary amount of lighting in the study area, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to concentrate.

So, ensure that there is enough lighting. If you can, manage to get enough natural light to your study area, there’s nothing better than that! And install enough artificial lights too, in case you want to study at night!

It Is Clutter Free

You might have seen this, oftentimes that when your desk is cluttered, you have a hard time making your mind study or do anything for that matter!

It is because what we see is how our mind reacts. That is why clutter makes our minds get cluttered.

That is why it is important that we keep our study space properly organized and systematic. If it is not so, trust us, you’ll have a hard time later! BITTER BUT TRUE.

The Right Ventilation

Oxygen gets our brain to function sharper and healthier. So, if you have some fresh air coming into your study room, you’re on the plus point.

That is why ventilation is important. And no matter what happens, prioritize the ventilation and the natural light in your study room and you’ll never go wrong!

Steps To Create The Best-Ever Dedicated Study Area

Get The Color In Place

If you are designing a study room from scratch, you really want to keep a good eye on the color you choose for it.

Colors have a high impact on how your brain functions when you study and how much you can learn and understand. So choose your study room colors wisely.

Ideally, you must always go for light colors. Vastu and Feng Shui even suggest certain colors for your study room based upon the direction it is located in. To read literally everything about the colors you must choose for your study room, consider reading this post.

Place The Furniture Well

After you are done with the colors, the furniture must be placed in such a way that it ensures proper lighting and comfort. After all, that defines the overall design of your study space.

If you are a believer in Vastu, you might want to consider the placement of the furniture as Vastu suggests it. Believe us, it can change the energy upside down! And to apply it is the best decision you can take to make your house reach the best of its potential in terms of beauty and functionality.

Designate A Place To LITERALLY Everything!

Do you know? If you do the same task at the same place every day, the energy of that place changes and becomes compatible with that task. It then becomes easy to do.

That is why, even in your dedicated study area, you must have a separate corner for reading, studying, etc.

Plus, designate a place for all the subjects or files. So that, when anything regarding studies pops up in your mind, you know where it is. You won’t have to spend a second looking for it! That’s time management.

Ensure ‘No Clutter’

We have said enough of this but let us reiterate, NO CLUTTER.

Ensure that your study room is neat and tidy and their nothing unnecessary lying around or anything out of its place (except when you are studying.)

Time To Decorate It A Bit

After it is all set up, why not decorate your study area?

There are various ways you can do it, like having some motivational quotes up there, or some cute printable wall art or anything for that matter.

If you need study room decor inspiration, this post is tailored for you. Consider reading THIS.

Put Up A Time Table

The study room is for studying and that’s why having a routine set there is useful.

You’ll even be excited about studying once you have a study room set up, so take advantage of your excitement and get to work!


We all have a choice between whether to have a study room or not. BUT in our opinion, having one is crucial.

It helps us increase our focus and motivation. That’s what we need as students, right? But there are certain rules to abide by when we design one and we must follow them lest all our efforts should be wasted.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time, happy decorating!

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