Boho theme is seeing a steep rise for a reason! With its earthy colors and affordable decor items, it has a lot of hearts beating for it. Even the teenage girls’ hearts!

And since we know how much they love decorating their bedrooms, we’ve pulled together these 15 extremely pretty boho teenage rooms that’ll help them decorate their rooms as one of the prettiest they’ve probably seen.

So, if you are a teenage girl or her parent, consider checking out these boho bedroom ideas that’ll get you drooling. Really.

Pink Is A Girl’s First Love, After All!

Of course, when we think about bedrooms for girls, the first color that pops into our mind is pink! That’s why this room is perfect.

This pretty muraled wall and the boho ceiling hanging are actually giving this room the classy look it has! Coupling the pink color with white is quite pretty and feminine.

You can also use macrame wall hangings and feminine printable wall art to adorn the room even more! But don’t use them on the printed wall lest it should look stuffy. The white rug, too, under the bed is contributing greatly to the boho theme of the bedroom, don’t you think?

Neutral Colors Are Sure To Create Magic!

black and white contrasting color boho bedroom
Source: Pinterest

Boss ladies definitely like contrasting colors and decent-looking bedrooms. This one is for them!

The contrast that black and white create is what makes this bedroom eye-catching! For adding more charm to the bedroom, you can use black flower vases and the ceiling hanging that’s shown!

The heavily textured quilt is what makes the bedroom look more ‘boho’. After all, these heavily textured fabrics are one of the main elements of ‘Boho Design.’

But what’s the most important is the dominant overall white color and a splash of black. Too much black would not have let this room look subtle and inviting. So take good care of that!

Bed At The Corner IS Trending..

These earthy warm colors are the patents to Bohemian decor!

Using rough, printed or heavily textured fabrics along with some wooden furniture and plants might enable you to achieve the boho look you are aiming for in your teen bedroom. Please overlook neither the macrame wall hangings nor the earthen colored fabrics!

To enable the boho theme to come naturally, let the sunlight in! It’s the key element in most decor trends and definitely, boho too!

What’s Boho Without MACRAME?

pink and white girl boho bedroom
Source: Next Luxury

Although the ‘Boho theme’ doesn’t clearly define ‘what to include’ and ‘what not to include’, there are certain things you SHOULD include as the rule of thumb to let this design come naturally and to its full potential. One of those things definitely is, macrame.

You can choose among the various macrame wall hangings that are available in the market! It might be a dream catcher or a design similar to what’s in the image. If you have less space in the room and want to take full advantage of it, why not try using macrame wall shelves. That way they’ll cater to your theme and will also enable you to make use of the space.

All White, Bright And Light

Not every girl likes pink. So there has to be something that caters to their taste and that’s why, this boho teenage room.

Using light colors around the room, if you like, is a good idea! To balance that out, you may use wooden furniture or a dark-colored floor. The rugs are of course, a must, since it’s the Bohemian design you are targeting!

To add some personalization to your teen bedroom, why not use some printable wall art or your favorite quotes around the room? That way, it’ll be YOUR personal haven that’s Chic and Boho!

Not To Overlook The Plants, Please!

Since the Bohemian design is kind enough to not exclude anything from being added, you might want to take a chance on adding a lot of plants to your bedroom, if you are a die-hard plant lover! Even the flowers are welcome.

But remember, you are not targeting the biophillic design but the Bohemian one, you ought to stick to some rules. They are, use heavily textured, or earthen colored or printed fabrics around the room. And don’t ditch the macrame!

Canopy Beds Can Create A Twist

turquoise boho bedroom with canopy bed
Source: Poplollyco

It’s YOUR boho teenage room, so there’s no reason you must obey all the design rules. You can add some personalization to the bedroom you are decorating like a canopy bed in the image.

This one is a ‘partial’ boho bedroom as macrame and nicely printed fabrics are used. But some modernity to the room is added by the canopy bed and the wall art. We don’t want you to overlook the carpet, though. It’s important in boho, after all!

Textured Wall Are Charming, Really!

minimalist and subtle boho bedroom for teenager girls
Source: @Chilledhome

‘Minimalist and Boho’ just can’t go together. Because when we talk about the Bohemian design, ‘more is more.’

But what if our heart only settles for minimalism? What if we dream of nothing but minimalist decor? And what if we want it to be ‘minimalist and boho?’ Well, although that seems impossible, it’s possible! Very much possible!

Try going for wall panels or textured walls, as in the image. After that, you might want to go for general boho decorations for your bedroom. Try using light colors. The furniture you use can even be minimalist and it won’t break the theme! Or better, you can even go for a boho Scandinavian decor! Try it and you’ll know!

Mustard Color Is Underrated

white bohemian bedroom with mustard color fabric and plants
Source: The Spruce

Why pendulum between pink and blue when we have a wide variety to choose from? We mean, just look at mustard.

Even if you have your bedroom already set and now you think of changing its theme to boho, why not just change the color of your bedsheet and curtains, and add some macrame? That’ll do it great!

And since teenagers are famous for changing decisions (even about their room decor) in a blink of an eye, this one is the cheapest yet the best choice you’d make. After all, you don’t even know if they want a boho bedroom today and immediately a futuristic bedroom, tomorrow!

Dusky Pink And White= Beauty

white boho bedroom with earthen colored decor
Source: Emily May

Boho decor is more about using earthy colors and accepting the materialistic element in us, more than anything! That’s why muddy colors like brown and dusky pink go so well with boho-themed bedrooms!

Especially when it’s a teen who has to stay in the room, these colors won’t look dirty soon! You know, how disorganized teens can be sometimes that they can make the room dirty in a matter of hours!

But to balance these muddy colors, consider using splashes of white (at your own risk!)

Everything Wood Is Flawsome!

dark grey boho bedroom with wooden furniture and artwork
Source: FifiMcGee

Since we intend to embrace the natural and materialistic aspect of us, when we are doing the boho theme, it’ll be a sin to overlook wood. It’s the most natural, after all!

So in order to combine a bit of rustic and boho look in your boho teenage room, why not consider using everything wooden? From furniture to wall-hangings, try using wood. And the look would be amazing.

It’ll especially be the best for those teen girls who don’t want any show-off in their bedroom and want to keep things as earthy and natural as possible. So for you gals, this grey room is it!

Colors Are Colors, After All!

colorful boho dream bedroom with wall art and printables
Source: NextLuxury

Sticking to one or two colors only can be monotonous. And when there is a wide variety to choose from, why even choose? Have them all. After all, the boho theme wants you to include EVERYTHING, right? So, why not abide by?

You can have all the colors in your bedroom. All kinds of wall hangings and printable quotes and wall art for YOUR bedroom and you’re good to go! It’s YOURS after all.

Boho Doesn’t Discriminate! Add All That You Want!

When you are a teen, there are abundant things you want to display everywhere in your bedroom. You want your plants to be displayed, your curtains, your bedsheets, the rugs that you have, your wall art, everything must display who you are at heart. But most themes call for minimalism and don’t allow you to display all that you want. To your advantage, the boho theme doesn’t do that.

So, put across the room all that you want but yes, don’t forget the earthy colors! They’ll do it good.

Large Rooms Deserve Large Designs

If you are one of those lucky teenager girls who has this big bedroom, we’re jealous!

Big wall art, big designs on fabrics, big furniture and everything BIG goes quite well with the Bohemian bedrooms. Also, don’t forget to include a carpet in the room. That would add coziness and won’t let the room look empty.

To create the look of oneness and subtlety in the room, you might want to use one base color like white, all over the room. And then add some warm colored furniture and fabrics to it. That won’t let the room look overdone and give it a subtle and feminine look that teen girls usually want.

Don’t Know Girls By PINK, Come On!

boho bedroom with printed wall, floating shelves, plants and macrame wall hanging
Source: @estudion.n.t

Pink is seriously overrated for girls! Not all girls are in love with it and we respect that! So why not go for blue or some other color for your room? Think about that.

As in the given image, having one printed wall and adorning the adjacent wall with a macrame wall hanging and some plants on the floating wall shelves is a great idea. It’s budget-friendly and doesn’t break the theme you aim for in your boho teenage room. So far as the girly element is concerned, ever considered having flowery plants instead of only greens? Sorted.

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