We all have those little girls around who are die-hard fairy-tale fans. They love fairies so much that they want to be fairies themselves! You ought to help them with this one. And the first step towards that is decorating a fairy bedroom for them!

These fairy bedrooms make them feel as special, magical, and beautiful as they are! It’s their sweet little paradise with a fairy flare. And for them, and especially them, we have gathered the prettiest fairy bedroom ideas to cater to their design and dream requirements!

By the way, we already feel spellbound by talking about these rooms!

But Before We Continue, What Exactly Are Fairy Bedrooms?

We don’t want to bore you but, bear with us for a while!

Fairy bedrooms are partly fairy-tale-like, partly real, partly disorganized, partly organized, partly bright, partly dark, and every contradiction in the same room!

Above all, it is your dream room that makes you believe in magic, once again! So any room that feels magical to you or your daughter, it’s a fairy room. It’s that simple.

Want to look at some beautiful fairy tale bedrooms for your young and old daughters (a little girl resides somewhere in them too!)?

Now, here are the fairy bedroom designs for your little daughters and fairy bedrooms ideas for adults, too:

Fairy Lights MEAN Fairy Decor, Isn’t It?

a fairy themed bedroom with lights
Source: Fairy Tale Magazine

Thinking about the fairy decor, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the lights! After all, lights are what make anything and everything magical and spellbinding!

No matter if you are designing a fairy bedroom for adults or little girls, use lights. Simple. We are not talking about tube lights, sorry. But special lights. Like fairy lights, lamp lights, accent lights, or any beautiful lighting you can probably think of!

Over that, place the lights in such a way that’s inviting and appealing, as in the image above! But it’s all up to your imagination. Use it to the fullest!

Don’t Resist The Dark Walls!

fairy bedroom idea with dark walls
Source: Aspect Wall Art

We know how important it is to have light-colored walls to give the room a subtle and calming look. But when you are going for a themed bedroom, that isn’t the case at all!

For a fairy-themed bedroom, you can have dark-colored walls and have light-colored furniture against them. That’ll give the bedroom of your little fairy, a real fairy tale style. On top of it, you can add her favorite colors as the fabrics and other accessories. You are sure to get a hug this time!

Some Fur And Lanterns Are A Must, You See

fairy tale style bedroom with lanterns and fur
Source: Pinterest

A fairy theme requires some warm colors and soft fabrics. That, you can get by having fur and lanterns around the room.

There are a variety of designs and styles you can choose from. The lanterns, these days, even have fairies printed on them! What more could anyone want?

Coming to the fur element, there are various ways you can use it in your room decor. The best is, to use it as a bedspread or a quilt. That way, it is visible and contributes to the overall fairy element of the bedroom.

How About That Lovely Enchanted Forest Woodland Fairies Reside In?

woodland fairy bedroom idea with faux ivy around the bed
Source: Design Corral

Do you want a woodland fairy bedroom idea? This is it.

For achieving a woodland fairy flare, add to your bedroom some real or faux ivy. Original would not be practical but faux is. Add lights on them to give them a more magical element.

Having woodland wallpaper is also a great idea to support this kind of decor. And remember to use wooden furniture. That’s the most important.

Remember, A Fairy Bedroom Needs A Good Wallpaper

fairy design bedroom with muraled wall
Source: Etsy

Carrying the idea of having wallpapers for your fairy theme forward, it’s great to use them. They give the room the real fairyland look.

The moment you enter the room, it feels like you’ve entered the world that’s ethereal. You are in your personal haven and you ought not to care for the outer world anymore. But using wallpapers is NOT cheap. So if you are looking for a cheaper option, we recommend using wall stickers. After all, you never know when your little fairy today wants to become a little barbie tomorrow. You need to be practical and prepared, we understand!

Don’t Dare You Forget The Flowers..

fairy theme bedroom with flowers for decoration
Source: Pinterest

It’s a fairy-themed bedroom and it’s a girl’s bedroom. Considering this, you are punishable if you skip the flowers.

Try using as many different-colored flowers as you can, all around the room. Your little fairy will love it. Plus it will give the room the ethereal, out-of-the-world feel that you want for it!

We don’t think they are just faux flowers you must be using. You can even consider using indoor flower plants at some places in the room so the theme doesn’t look completely artificial and has some natural elements to it!

Fabrics Around The Bed Are A Must For Magic!

a white bedroom with fabrics and lights around the bed
Source: Remodelaholic

Ever seen those pretty beds with fabrics around them? Don’t they make the room cozy and inviting? Well, that’s exactly what we are talking about, here.

One of the best fairy decor ideas is this. Use fabrics around the bed. They will make the bed feel fairy-tale-like and your little girl will love it. It’s as simple as using a mosquito net around the bed. To add a magical feel to that, why not consider adding fairy lights to it? Once you do that, you are half done. So buckle up, and start.

Ever Considered A Pretty Chandelier?

a fairy bedroom with a lovely chandelier for decoration
Source: CIRCU Magical Furniture

Lights. Lights. Lights. They are what make your fairy-themed bedroom, really fairy-themed.

And the best source of pretty and royal lighting is the chandeliers. So, if you are not running on a budget, you might want to go for a pretty chandelier for the room ceiling. The design and the color you choose depend on your tastes and expectations. But having a chandelier in itself is something magical. It has those magical vibrations that, of course, are unexplainable. Now, THAT’s classy.

How About The Tree Branches, Woodland Fairy?

woodland fairy bedroom with branches on both ends of the bed
Source: Clean Eating With Kids

Since you are aiming for a themed fairy room decor, it’s a great idea to use branches on both sides of your (or your daughter’s) bed. That will give it a natural woodland fairy bedroom feel.

We even like how the fairy lights are wrapped around the branches. They make them look prettier and not-so-boring.

If you have a daughter who is not that little, this fairy bedroom idea would definitely work well! This isn’t giving a child-bedroom feel after all.

Canopy Beds Won’t And Can’t Fail You, Ever!

canopy bed with lights and fabrics
Source: Society6

It’s incredible how canopy beds can nearly flip the look of any room, for the better. And you can use them to your advantage, you see…

It’s incredible how the net curtains or fabrics can even make the canopy bed more interesting, inviting, and safe-looking. And lights, of course, are a crucial factor in the beauty of nearly every room. So don’t forget to install the lights correctly, even on a canopy bed or the headboard.

A canopy bed doesn’t just support the fairy design bedroom but also a princess bedroom. So you are on the safer side if your daughter tells you to design a princess bedroom for her tomorrow if you have designed a fairy bedroom today! It won’t be that big a headache then 😉

If Your Fairy Loves Pink…

pink fairy room decoration with muralled wall and pink and white furniture
Source: Design Corral

Before you take any decision as to what furniture, wall decals, or wall art you are going to buy, you must first see what color your fairy has chosen for herself and her bedroom. After all, it’s her personal haven and she should feel good once she enters that room.

What you can see, almost everywhere, is that girls love pink, this one is a great fairy bedroom idea in that case.

You can couple pink with some neutral color like gray or white to balance it out! But having maximum things pink is definitely going to get her dancing!

Wall Art Deserves To Top The List Of Your Fairy Room Decorations!

A pink and white bedroom for girls with pretty fairy room decorations
Source: Planner 5D

If you are wondering what your fairy room decorations should look like, we highly recommend considering wall paintings and printable wall arts. They give you the flexibility to choose the size and frame that appeals to you, the most.

And above all, they let you feel that the room is REALLY yours (and in your daughter’s case, her’s). It’s highly recommended that you choose the wall decoration that you, yourself love. Like if your daughter would want to have unicorn decorations in the room, you can choose between unicorn wall art or unicorn figurines.

Adolescent girls usually like quotes in their bedrooms, so you could check out good printable quotes on various Etsy shops or anywhere you find good ones!

Don’t Overlook The Bedsheets..

room with fairy bedsheets
Source: Rilane

Upon entering any bedroom, the first thing that we notice is the bed. That is what gives the feeling that we are in a bedroom! So we can’t overlook how it is decorated.

The best way to decorate the bed is the bedsheets you know! And in your fairy bedroom case, the fairy bedsheets, understandably.

This is a great way that you can add some themed touch to the bedroom without spending a great deal on the other things. If you don’t want to go for wall stickers or wall murals, it’s highly recommended you go for printed bedsheets! Your little fairy will love these.

Adding That Wooden Table Is Creative, Isn’t It?

a corner fairy table arrangement for fairy bedroom
Source: Rilane

A fairy doesn’t just have to do with a bed and some curtains, you see? They have important meetings too. And you definitely need a seating arrangement for them!

The table in the image does just that! It contributes so much to the beauty and the originality of the theme you’ve chosen. If this is the design you do not like, try using a mushroom table. That’s extremely pretty too!

These are not the most practical tables for sure but so far as your fairy theme is concerned, what can work better than them?

These Days, Fairies Love Soft Toys!

a little girl's' bedroom with soft toys
Source: @blondeeliving

We need to be practical! Your daughter doesn’t want to live in that Woodland fairy jungle! It’s just the theme and she should enjoy it. So add some things in the room she can enjoy playing with.

They can be her fairy toys (in case you want to tightly stick to the theme) or they can be any other toy/ soft toy she loves playing with.

Candles Can Fit In Anywhere, Especially Here!

a pink fairy bedroom with candles and flowers
Source: @caroline_at_ruggles_cottage

This is not the most practical tip for little girls of course but if you are designing a fairy bedroom for adults or fairly grown-up girls, candles in the room can work magic!

You can try out various candle shapes and types. Scented candles are a great idea! And ever thought of aroma diffusers? They are pretty and they can do you and your fairy-theme good!

Which One Did You Choose?

This is not the end to all the fairy bedroom ideas, of course. There are various ideas you can choose from or invent your own! It’s just about being creative and imaginative!

So out of all these fairy-themed bedrooms, which one did you choose? Let us know in the comments. And if there is any suggestion you want to provide us with, you are most welcome. Comment down, please!

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