A six-year-old boy is the one who wants a little tastefulness and masculinity (imitation to be more honest) in his decor but still can’t let go of his childish tastes.

Now, catering to their states is something fun and creative! (and irritating!)

You would want to add some colors like red and yellow in his room and at the same time add those masculine and bold colors like blue and gray. He wants to imitate the elders, after all! In between all this, you can’t forget that you have a kid who is still a kid! So the decor has to land somewhere in between.

Sounds a bit intimidating? Well, we got you!

We can help you with the best 6-year-old-boy room ideas that he is going to love, absolutely!

Also, so you don’t land in trouble to decorate the room all over again when your little kid turns 9 or something and his tastes change, below would be some timeless bedroom ideas too for you to thank us later!

For now, let’s look at what we have in store for you!

Take a look.

6-Year-Old Boy Room Ideas

Add Some Minions In The Room

minion bedroom ideas for little kids
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6 years olds absolutely love cartoon and game characters. So, you can never go wrong by having one in their bedroom, like these cute little minions.

For a nice minion bedroom design, you would want to add a nice minion bedsheet, some cute minion figurines, a minion lamp and so much more to make your son’s bedroom look more minion-ified.

If there’s something more that you would want to do, then maybe a minion wallpaper would work like a charm! If you really want to stick with the minion theme, then we suggest you check out this post about the minion bedroom decor ideas for kids. This will set things straight for you!

Angry Birds Can Work Wonders Too!

angry birds bedroom
Image Source

Another great theme for your kid’s bedroom design is an angry birds theme.

You can introduce it through some nice angry birds stickers, plush toys, angry bird figurines, bedsheets, or wallpaper. These ideas aren’t just limited to this, there are a lot more! To find out, we invite you to check out these amazing angry bird bedroom designs that your kid is sure to love!

In case, you don’t want the angry birds in the bedroom but all you like is their color scheme, then why not introduce that to your son’s bedroom? He’ll love that!

Or How About A LEGO bedroom?

lego bedroom
Image Source

Agreed, this one is a bit more colorful than you would want your kids’ bedroom to be. But believe it or not, kids love LEGO and you know it!

How much fun would it be when they’ll see their favorite toys all around, every time?

A great advantage of a LEGO bedroom is that it doesn’t necessarily need a lot of LEGO blocks around, it can fall in place with just the color scheme in the right proportion.

Sounds cool? Check out these LEGO bedroom ideas for a lot more inspiration and ideas!

Mario Bedroom Is The Way To Go!

mario bros bedroom
Image Source

Another great theme idea to create a nice 6-year-old boy room around is super Mario!

He’s one of the favorite game characters of children and he has their hearts, already! Let him enter your child’s bedroom too, to make it more fun and interesting!

Again, you can use Mario bedsheets, Mario lamps, Mario wall decals, and other decors to bring that charm to your kids’ bedroom! We have this post about the Mario bedroom decor, you might want to refer to creating the best Mario room you can!

The Classic Black And White…

black and white kids bedroom

When nothing seems alright, a black and white bedroom for boys will always set things right!

This is a classic and evergreen color combination that boys like. Plus, to make it a bit better and more suitable for a 6-year-old, you can add some plush toys and fun wall art, etc.

When your guy grows up, remove all the childish stuff and tada! That’s so easy on the budget!

You might want to check our post about the black and white bedroom ideas to get a little more pro at decorating one!

Gray Is Evergreen, Too…

white scandinavian bedroom

Another great color for a 6-year-old boy’s bedroom is gray. It has a simplicity to it that every boy likes.

Plus, if your kid loves colors, you can add any color to a combination of gray and it will work out. When he grows up, you can pull the colors done and what remains is gray! See, how versatile this color can be not only for your budget but for your boys’ taste as well! Agree?

Surprisingly not surprisingly, we also have a full post about some great gray bedroom ideas that you might love to check out!

Try A Sports Themed Boy Room

Football bedroom

Everyone knows boys love sports! So, definitely, you’re in the right direction if you are up to creating a sports-themed bedroom for them!

Plus, if it’s their favorite sports decor you’ve adorned their room with, what’s better?

See for example the above football bedroom for boys. It has a bed frame like a goal post and then you could choose a green field-like bedsheet and a football cushion! How easy and fun it is, to create! Plus, it’s one of the most creative things you could do for your kids’ dream bedroom!

Space Has Boys’ Hearts!

space bedroom wallpaper

Another thing that boys are nearly crazy about is the space! They love space and so they love the space-themed bedrooms too.

Now, you might think that creating a space bedroom is an expensive choice. But far from it.

There are a lot of cheap ways you can adopt to create a space-themed bedroom for your 6-year-old. One way is by having a space-themed wallpaper in the room. Another is by getting some faux planets and hanging them from the ceiling. There are many more, so you might want to check out this post about the space-themed bedroom ideas if you’re really interested!

A Car Bedroom Is Worth The Effort!

car bedroom for boys

Everyone knows that boys absolutely LOVE cars, especially these little kiddos!

So, a car bedroom as a 6-year-old boy’s room idea isn’t one to be overlooked! Maybe, that would require some extra effort on your part in finding a nice bedframe, headboard, and other stuff but eventually, it’s going to be worth it!

That said, this bedroom can also be DIYed by getting a nice car sticker that can cover the bedframe OR the headboard in its entirety. That’ll be way cheaper and as effective! No need for a ‘thank you!’

Have his name up there!

6 year old boy bedroom ideas

A great way to personalize a child’s room is by having his name stuck on the wall. They love it.

That said, it also saves you a lot of wall decor you had to otherwise buy.

The biggest advantage of this decor is that it is not subject to any theme or decor style. Even if you have a simple bedroom or a Minion bedroom for that matter, it goes equally well with both!

To make things more interesting, you could try some custom neon signs in your child’s bedroom. That’d make it a treat to the eyes and a stunning decor!

Don’t Forget The Spiderman bedroom please!

spiderman bedroom

Everybody knows how cool kids find the Spiderman to be. So, it’s time t put their role model. their superhero- spiderman, up in their bedroom s the main theme!

Not necessary to have everything spiderman-themed around in the bedroom but the more the better. You could even try DIYing the bedroom or maybe just using the spiderman reds and blues to bring the feel to the space.

In case you find the above idea interesting, you would love to check out this post about the best spiderman bedroom designs and decor.

Then Comes A Train Bedroom

train bedroom for boys

A train bedroom can be a different and interesting one to create for your 6-year-old!

There is a lot of creativity you would want to show in while creating a nice train headboard and footboard or you could buy one if you can find a nice one.

That said, it is not a rule that you ought to get a train-themed bedframe but just that, you need to have some trains around. That, you can do by having some nice little plastic train decorated around the bedroom, or some nice train wall art, wall stickers, or wall decals!

After All, Boys LOVE Dinosaurs!

boy bedroom ideas
Image Source

If you are done with all those cartoonish minion and Mario bedrooms, then your best bet can be to get some animals into your 6-year-old boy’s bedroom!

Now we aren’t talking about those puppies and kitties, we are talking about some dinosaurs! Everyone knows that boys LOVE them!

Sounds cool? You can get some nice dinosaur wall art, dinosaur plush toys, and dinosaur wall decals/ stickers to decorate your 6-year-old boy’s bedroom! And don’t forget to let us know how that turns out!

Use A Lot Of Lights!

cute 6 year old boy bedroom
Image Source

Another matter of fact is that kids absolutely love lights! They get excited when they see lights!

So, another great idea to brighten up their space is to use a different kinds of interesting lights here and there and everywhere.

Another great takeaway from the above image could be to have a little tent in their bedroom. Even heaven knows how much kids love small and cozy, and den-like spaces, don’t they?

Boys Love Blue!

kid boy bedroom
Image Source

No matter the age, boys love the blue color! So, it’s almost always a safe bet to have it around.

Now, this bedroom above is a good inspiration in that regard. Different tints and shades of blue are used in combination with white.

To make the bedroom NOT look like made-for-a-man, you definitely want to copy having a printed bedsheet in a room to really give it a vibe that suits a six-year-old!

Use Patterns

creative bedroom ideas for boys
Image Source

Another great idea to give a fun and interesting vibe to a children’s bedroom is to have a variety of shapes around the bedroom.

That could be by having a nice geometric (or not so geometric) pendant light on the ceiling, using rectangular bookshelves, or painting a mere triangle on two adjacent walls. Simple things but a huge difference!

And If You Are Not Short On The Budget…

loft bed ideas for boy bedroom
Image Source

If budget isn’t a problem for you, then why not get your hands on an extremely creative 6-year-old boy room design, like this nice home-like (don’t know what to call this one!) loft bed.

And if you already have a loft bed, then maybe, it’s time to up the game and get some crapentary done on it.

Either way, we know, you, more than your little boy, are falling for it, lol! So, why wait? Pull up your socks and go!

The Endnote

Through the above ideas, we hope you found some hope in you about designing a good 6-year-old boy’s bedroom, in the best way you can!

You can see it’s not all that difficult, you just need to know what taste your guy has or what colors he prefers the most.

But among all these things, keep in mind that your 6-year-old is growing fast, and his tastes are changing faster. So, you don’t want to invest in very expensive kids’ decor. That might prove a waste of your money a few years down the road.

Staying balanced with what you spend is key.

We hope that you could find some value in this post.

If you have any opinions or suggestions about the content or our readers, feel free to comment below!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do you make a boy’s room fun?

Boys love to have fun and take little risks and be at extraordinary places. So definitely, there are a lot of possibilities to make a boy’s room quite interesting and fun to be in. Below are a few of them:
1) Bring in a jungle theme. Make them a nice faux tree, tent, or bridge somewhere in their room.
2) If space is an issue, you could use a bunk bed below which could be their play area with a lot of balls, fun, and games.
3) Make it a sports bedroom like a football-themed bedroom shown above, or a basketball or a cricket theme! How wonderful would that be!
4) Introduce their favorite cartoon or game character to their bedroom and design their room around that! It could be a minion, Mario, or spiderman!
5) Kids LOVE colors so add a few to their room!

How do I decorate my child’s room on a budget?

If you want to decorate your child’s room on a budget, it’s most important to make use of the things that you already have, like some nice wall art, printed bedsheets, stickers and other stuff.Add to that, stickers, in addition being VERY affordable, can help a great deal in designing your kids’ bedroom.
Next, you could go for a nice wallpaper rather than getting an entire wall painted, or how about wall decals?
Even the cute cartoon lights are quite affordable so they could make an awesome addition to your child’s bedroom decor too!

What colors are most appealing to kids?

Althogh there’s no rule of thumb here but but kids’ usually like some bright colors, rater some color that HAS color! Meaning, no blacks, no browns and no grays. Blues and reds and yellows and greens work extremely well for them!
Even pastel colors could make a good match for them but whatever color you choose, it must have COLOR!

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